The island of Mauritius is one of the most beautiful international tourist destinations that enjoy the irresistible charm of Africa, the picturesque nature and the harmonious terrain as a comfortable artistic painting for the soul and the eye.

And as a site that may be new and strange to some and take it as a place for a tourist vacation without the program and court plans of a crazy adventure and not calculated for many, so the article offers you the best tourist program in Mauritius to enjoy its magical beauty within 5 days, with a review of all the steps of travel and residence from A to Z for a trip Tourism in Mauritius without the trouble of searching.

Tourist program in Mauritius

How can you prepare for the best tourist program for Mauritius?

You can set up an integrated tourist program in Mauritius that is unparalleled by following the following steps and visiting the aforementioned places to have included the entire country by visiting during your trip.

Get a Mauritius visa

The island of Mauritius allows citizens of some Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain to travel to their lands and stay for a period of 90 days without the need to obtain a visa, while the matter requires citizens of other countries to obtain a tourist visa from the embassy or consulate of Mauritius in your country before traveling or residing in it.

How to travel to Mauritius

After completing and obtaining the visa procedures, you must take the next step for travel and tourism in Mauritius by selecting the appropriate airline and booking your ticket on one of its flights to the island, as well as choosing the appropriate arrival airport and closest to the center of the country.

Here we advise you to choose Air Mauritius as one of the leading companies in the field on the African level since 1975, and choose to land at its airport and its main operations center, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport.

Hotel reservation as one of the most important steps in developing a tourist program in Mauritius

Mauritius Island offers a variety of upscale options for ideal accommodation for individuals, families and new grooms such as villas and hotels overlooking the Indian Ocean coast all the way to resorts that offer a tranquil atmosphere and wonderful views of the mountains and green pastures.

Despite the high cost of accommodation and tourism in Mauritius, the services, entertainment and recreation that you will get during your trip to it are invaluable. The following link provides a comprehensive guide to the best hotels in Mauritius as assessed by previous guests … See the report

How can I get around while carrying out a tourist program for Mauritius?

The island of Mauritius includes several means of transportation and transportation to move between its most famous tourist attractions, some of which are public and others personal or private, including costly, least expensive and most suitable for long distances, and can be dealt with as follows:


It is the cheapest means of transportation in Mauritius, where it deals with coins to buy tickets, and is available through 3 government companies, each of which is responsible for covering it.


The best and most extensive transportation network in Mauritius, as the island’s rail network connects the major cities with the smallest and the countryside with the cities within a short short time, while providing the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the country all the way.


It is the most widespread and abundant transportation in Mauritius and the most comfortable and safe for passengers during long trips and different tourist destinations where you can move from one place to another easily, although it is one of the most expensive means of transportation in Mauritius, however you can get a number of local and international companies That manages and organizes taxi itineraries in the country away from those that operate without a meter.

River taxi

It is one of the most beautiful and best means of transportation that provides you with stunning snapshots of the coastal and mountainous forest nature of the island during your trip. However, its itinerary is limited, as it travels from Louis Port and Corniche to Palaclava.

The boat

It is a means of transportation that provides great recreational tours for a day or more by moving between different parts of the island while enjoying the wonderful coastal nature.

Car / bike rental

It is one of the best means of transportation to explore the beauty of Mauritius and win some moments of excitement, adventure and freedom, yet they are unsafe means not all roads of Mauritius are paved for driving cars and bikes, and rental agencies are available near the airport and the sightseeing areas.


It is the most expensive means of transportation within the island of Mauritius and among its most important tourist attractions, and despite its high cost, it provides its user with an enjoyable and indescribable experience to explore the natural beauty of the city with a panoramic view, and you can request it through one of the many travel and tourism agencies available alongside the main attractions of the island.

The best tourist program in Mauritius within 5 days

After completing all the matters related to the travel, residence and transportation visa, we will now move to the details of the most wonderful integrated tourist program in Mauritius for 5 days in the most beautiful places in it:

First day: historical landmarks of Mauritius

We have selected for you an impressive array of tourist attractions in Mauritius that are most popular and attractive for visitors from all over the world to be at the top of your tourism program in Mauritius to enjoy your visit during your first day, including:

Naval Museum

If the stories and adventures of the pirates of the sea applaud you a lot, you should put this museum on your visit list when planning a tourist program in Mauritius, where you can learn about the history of the island and its struggle against colonialism, with a look at its maps and manuscripts, and the Naval Museum consists of 3 floors two Only of them are available for general public visits.

Chateau Labordones Building

It is one of the most beautiful historical buildings recommended to be placed within the tourist program of the island of Mauritius, where you can enjoy the attractive and unique architectural building design with its exquisitely beautiful surroundings that are decorated with gardens, meadows and orchards, with elegant water fountains.

Aventurie de Sucre Museum

It is one of the most prominent museums recommended to visit during the application of a tourist program in Mauritius, it is one of the most important means for you to learn about the history of the island and its industrial contributions over the decades in the field of sugar industry and production.

Friday Mosque

It is one of the most famous historical mosques in Mauritius and the most attractive to the attention of tourists from different countries and beliefs when visiting the island and tourism in it, where the mosque has a simple and elegant architectural hero that relies on bright white paint that attracts camera lenses, and a wonderful spiritual atmosphere that attracts Muslim visitors to pray in it.

Temples of Lake Ganga Talo

It is one of the picturesque natural monuments that includes some of the sacred religious monuments that attract visitors to include in the tourist program of the island of Mauritius, in addition to the charming beauty of nature reflected by the purity of the blue lake and the surrounding green spaces and highlands covered with forests and pastures, a group of historical temples are located It has a wonderful architectural design on the banks.

Day 2: Water features in Mauritius

A tourist program in Mauritius is not without enjoying the beautiful beauty of nature and practicing some activities to provide you with a large dose of activity and vitality even after you return from your trip, including:

Le Morne Beach and Rock

It is one of the purest and most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. A tourist program in Mauritius is not without a plan to visit it and enjoy relaxing in a recreation in front of its clear waters and the dense green areas that cover its fine sand, while visiting the basaltic rock that distinguishes it.

Oaks Service Beach and Volcano

It is one of the best beaches for recreation that tourists are planning to visit while setting up a tourist program for Mauritius thanks to its scenic nature, where clear blue water, fine sand and palm trees around you everywhere, while providing facilities and quiet sunbathing, and near it is the dormant True Oaks Volcano located near it One of the most important tourist attractions in Mauritius.

Mauritius Aquarium

It is one of the recommended places to visit when traveling to Mauritius Island, as it offers the pleasure of watching and photographing 150 different types of colorful fish and sea creatures in one ocean.

Tamarin Bay

It is one of the most beautiful recreational places that can not be overlooked when setting a tourist program for the island of Mauritius for its fun and fun by swimming and playing with dolphins floating in the waters of the Gulf, or canoeing, playing various water games and feeling indescribable recreation.

Grand Bay

It is one of the most important tourist areas that should top the tourist program in Mauritius, as it is the pulse of night life on the island through concerts and dances organized by beach clubs, in addition to the shops and high-end boutiques nearby, which sells everything related to women from clothes, cosmetics and household items, and within hours The day is Grand Bay, one of the most important relaxing spots in Mauritius, in front of its fresh coast, its pure sand and its pleasant sun … Read more

Day 3: Mauritius Gardens and Parks

Among the many tourist attractions we have chosen for you a group of most popular Mauritian gardens and parks for visitors, especially:

Pamplos Botanical Gardens

It is one of the world’s most beautiful and the most varied and eye-catching botanical gardens when planning tourism on the island of Mauritius thanks to the rare and perennial plants it contains like no other garden in the world, on top of which is the water lily and palm trees whose flowers grow once every 60 years.

Kassala Park – Lavanel Natural

One of the most beautiful natural parks that can be visited in your tourist program plan in Mauritius, the park is a nature reserve that includes hundreds of species of animals and predatory and predatory wildlife living in one environment in the best way that you can watch and take wonderful photos freely.

Equestrian Center de Reapel

It is one of the most important places that fans of adventure and excitement enthusiasts who are professional or horse riding enthusiasts are keen to visit during tourism tours in Mauritius, as the de Rempel Equestrian Center provides an unusual atmosphere for horse riding by using it to roam the beach in front of its clear waters and its soft sands, Even those without sufficient skill and training, the center provides professional trained facilities.

Day 4: the vicinity of the Black Sea Gorges

Do not forget to place these places within your tourism program on the island of Mauritius, to crown your tourist program with pleasure and excitement by visiting:

Black River Gorges Park

It is one of the most beautiful and most famous natural areas and popular and attractive to the attention of tourists coming to Mauritius, which makes it a major guest of honor in any tourist program for the island of Mauritius, and the Black Sea Gorges provides a wonderful romantic and poetic opportunity to wander and hike among hundreds of varieties of rare and rare plants and the voices of singing birds, with chains Fresh waterfalls and lakes … Read more

Chamarel Falls

During your visit to the Black Sea Gorges, you can pass through the wonderful waterfalls of Shammarel that flow strongly through rock folds from its estuary in the St. Denis River, making it an attractive area for swimming enthusiasts and photography … Read more

The land of the seven colors

After completing the visit to the waterfalls and park, do not forget to pass by the most famous tourist attractions in Mauritius at all, known as the land of 7 colors that can not be without a tourist program for the island of Mauritius, where you can enjoy the view of the sand graded between the colors of red, brown, purple, purple, green, blue and yellow in the splendor of the panel Art painted in style and mastery … Read more

Fifth Day: Mauritius Markets

Before completing a tourist program in Mauritius, do not miss passing through its markets and acquiring some souvenirs and exquisite products made from the best international brands before your return:

Mauritius Handicraft Market

And with the time for farewell and departure, you cannot leave the land of Mauritius without deducting from it a souvenir that keeps your journey to memory always and introduces family and friends to it and invites them to visit, so the visit to the handicraft market should be the last step in implementing a tourist program in Mauritius, where you can Through his purchase of a wide assortment of gifts, jewelery, gold and elegant handicrafts … Read more

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