The best places for tourism in Qatar

المسافرون العرب

Merweb Fort

Marroub fort is considered one of the most famous historical places that attract tourists in the city of Doha in Qatar, so that this castle is located on the western coast of Qatar, and was established in the Abbasid era, and is famous for the Abbasid architectural features, and this castle was built on the ruins of a castle It is old, and fishing is the main old activity in the Al-Hosn area. Many sports and leisure activities are provided for visitors, which are organized by local and tourist hotels.

Katara Mosque

The Katara Mosque is located in the Katara Cultural Village in Qatar, which contains the most beautiful engineering sites that can be visited. The mosque is characterized by the presence of three high toothed columns, and is famous for the complex interior designs, and for its architecture that differs from the traditional mosques in Qatar, so the building It is a mosaic of blue tiles, with few red and yellow stripes.

Al-Zubarah city

The coastal city of Al Zubarah flourished and is surrounded by walls as a commercial center for pearling, especially in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. This city was destroyed in 1811 AD, left in the early twentieth century, and was established by traders from Kuwait, It has become of great commercial links across the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Peninsula, and West Asia, and is one of the most famous sites that have been discovered Al-Zubarah Fortress, which is located amid miles of sand, which can be reached by riding on camels.

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Falcon market

Falcon Souq is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Qatar, as this market can be visited and get a glimpse of the Qatari heritage related to falconry and hunting, in addition to getting acquainted with many of the traditional arched buildings located opposite Souq Waqif. Enjoy watching the evenings that take place on Thursdays specifically, so that the hawks found with the existing sellers can be checked.

Al Jassassiya Hills Series

The Jassasiya Hills series is located on the northeastern coast of Doha in Qatar, and overlooks the waters of the Arabian Gulf, and is considered an attractive tourist site, as it includes sites with historical inscriptions dating back to prehistoric times, and the Jassassia region is also known for its content of stone carvings and sculptures Distinctive rock, which is distinguished by its quality and nature.

Umm Salal Muhammad Castle

Umm Salal Muhammad Castle is located 20 kilometers north of Doha, and it is one of the most famous forts that attract tourists in Qatar. This castle dates back to the nineteenth century, and it is a four-storey building, with thick walls of sandy color. This castle can be visited And enjoy watching beautifully and delicately decorated architectural structures, and this castle is considered a residential fortress in which all military and civil functions are fulfilled.

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