The most important landmarks of Marmaris

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Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle is located in the back area of ​​the yacht harbor in Marmaris, Turkey, and it is considered one of the most prominent landmarks of the city, and the castle was built in the past, and underwent throughout its history of many restoration and repair operations until it was converted in 1991 AD to the Marmaris Museum, Inside it there are many historical artifacts from the Byzantine Empire and the Hellenistic State.

Khan Hafsa Sultan

Khan Hafsa Sultan (in Turkish: Hafsa Sultan Kervansarayı) is located near the Marmaris Castle, which is a historical monumental building built by the Ottomans in 1545 AD, noting that it still exists today, where it is used as a hotel, and it should be noted that it includes a number of shops Designated to sell local souvenirs.

Marmaris Port

Marmaris Marina is an important landmark in the city of Marmaris, where yachts are lined along the sidewalk, restaurants, cafes serving delicious food, shops dedicated to selling souvenirs, local traditional crafts, and in addition, the harbor is a center Many local musicians gather to play music in a wonderful, picturesque setting.

Rock tombs

Rock Tombs represent a group of wonderful, elaborate sculptures of caves and complex shapes that were carefully carved on the rocks of a mountain overlooking the sea. Visitors and tourists can see these wonderful sculptures by riding in boats and approaching the archaeological site.

Jinan Park

Jinan Garden is one of the most beautiful parks in Marmaris, as it was created in the Chinese style as Marmaris is the twin city of Jinan in Shandong Province, China, and the garden includes a Chinese temple, stunning views, and wonderful.

Ibrahim Aga old mosque

The ancient Ibrahim Aga Mosque (in Turkish: Eski İbrahim Ağa Cami) is located in the old part of Marmaris, which is a historical monumental mosque built for the first time in 1789 AD, and is characterized by its simple architectural design, as well as an amazing stone dome.


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