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The French city of Cannes is a resort that attracts many tourists, and it is located in southeastern France, specifically in a region called Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, on the shores of the Cote d’Azur coast overlooking the Mediterranean, and the city of Cannes is 30 km southwest of Nice. It is also located on the longitude 43.55, and the circle of latitude 7.01, which rises above sea level by about 11 meters, and is considered the most famous characteristic of a city that was hosting the Cannes Film Festival, which presents the Golden Palm Award for distinguished films, and the number of the city’s population is approximately 70 thousand people, and thus occupies pain The seventh rank in terms of population in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. The city of Cannes started in 997 AD as a fishing port, and it was called the Port of Cano (in French: Portu Canuae), and in AD 999 AD, a castle was built “Castrum Marcellus” on one of the hills of the region, and this castle contains a high summit called “khan” according to the culture of ” Celto-Ligurian ”, and from here the city was given the name Kan, in relation to the top of the castle.

The best natural places in Cannes

Among the most important places of beautiful nature in Cannes are the following:

  • Croy Garden (in French: La Croix des Gardes): A spherical garden was established in the nineteenth century AD, by one of the permanent British visitors to the region, where he built a large palace west of the city of Cannes, and surrounded the palace with large areas of beautiful gardens, so these spaces became public gardens with an area of ​​200 acres, as the visitor can enjoy hiking and spending fun times In which.
  • Palm Beach (French: Palm Beach)It is one of the public beaches in Cannes.
  • Saint Margaret Island (French: Sainte-Marguerite Island): There are several beautiful beaches on the island, where tourists come to be visited, to enjoy them away from the city’s momentum, and in it there are some old buildings.
  • Plage du Midi Beach (in French: Plage du Midi): It is a quiet remote beach, and it is a beautiful place to relax, and it has a range of stalls and refreshments.

The best historical places in Cannes

There are many historical monuments in Cannes, and these places include:

  • Old City (in French: Le Suquet): It is the oldest area in Cannes, where it was once a Romen settlement, and it is now a neighborhood with old buildings that take an architectural character, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and is characterized by beautiful pastel colors, and the winding streets in this neighborhood include a group of restaurants.
  • Caster Museum (in French: Musée de la Castre): The building is located in a castle dating back to the middle centuries, as this castle was home to Lerns monks, and this castle is built on a high place overlooking beautiful views of the city of Cannes, as the museum included in the 19th century AD art collections made by the local population, such as: archaeological pieces that return Its history back to the Middle Ages, Asian machines, and distinctive paintings.
  • Our Lady of Hope Church (in French: Notre Dame d’Espérance): It is a church with a wonderful view, as it is located on the top of a hill in the hills of Cannes, and dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries AD, and is also distinguished by a distinctive historical building.
  • Bonnard Museum (in French: Musée Bonnard): The museum is located in the suburb of Canet (French Le Cannet) located on a high hill, 3 km from the city center of Cannes, and the museum is a villa called Belle-époque (French: Belle-époque), where this villa underwent a renovation, adding a wonderful modern annex to it, and it is presented In this museum are paintings of the painter, Pierre Bonnard, who moved to Paris in the year 1910 CE with his wife, and lived in a villa on the beach of Canet, and these paintings are distinguished by their vibrant colors, the most important of which are the landscape paintings of Saint-Tropez and the resorts of the Riviera.

The best lively places in Cannes

The city of Cannes is considered a vibrant area, as there are many places where a visitor can practice many activities, and the most important of these places are:

  • Forville Market (in French: Marché Forville): It is one of the closed places that includes daily markets in which the French offer their local goods, including fruits, fresh and seasonal vegetables, as well as meat, fresh fish, and other seafood.
  • The Town Hall: It is one of the old buildings that dates back to the year 1877 AD, where Louis Hurler built it during a period of 3 years, and made it a hall for the city, and the building overlooks the port of Cannes today, and it is distinguished by its architecture that takes the character of the buildings of the 19th century AD, and the people of the city depend on this building in Register everything local.
  • Le Vieux Port (in French: The port of Cannes is characterized as a gathering of mega yachts, and on the seaside there are breaks in which visitors enjoy the sunrise, and it is absent from the yacht view.
  • Cannes Film Festival: The Festival de Cannes is held annually in the city’s main arts house, and the main cinema of the city. Many world movie stars come to the festival, and it is one of the most famous international festivals in the world.
  • La Croisette Street (in French: La Croisette): It is one of the distinctive streets in Cannes, where luxury hotels and high-end shops are located, as it overlooks a cornice covered with palm trees, as this corniche is a beautiful place for hiking, especially at night, when it is decorated with bright lights, in addition to the presence of beautiful hotel palaces in it .

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