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the beach

Beach is a name given to the land along the edge of the sea, ocean, or lake, and beaches differ according to the origin and nature of the region, and the waves help determine the topography and quality of the beach, where we find that there are sandy beaches formed; as a result of the fragmentation of rocks, corals, and shells, And its sedimentation, as in the sandy beaches of the Red Sea, in addition to that there is another type of beach, which is muddy beaches or so-called (mud flats), where these beaches are protected from waves; that is, the waves do not reach them, and are characterized by their soft layers, and the last type From the beaches, it is Rocky beaches consisting of igneous rocks, or mutant, or sand and limestone, Sati with limestone rocks of the Arabian Gulf.

The most beautiful beaches of the world

Below is a mention of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which are distinguished by its sand, sea, nature and unique history.

Zakynthos Beach in Greece

Zakynthos Gulf (English: Zakynthos) is located in the Greek Ionian Islands. She was drowned with wine, cigarettes, and women.

Bora Bora Beach in France

The island of Boroua Bora, located in French Polynesia, is distinguished by its beach, which is considered the most beautiful among the tropical beaches, and what distinguishes it from other white sands, the presence of coconut trees, in addition to its exposure to a large amount of sunlight. In addition to the presence of many luxury resorts.

Playa del Amor Beach in Mexico

Playa del Amor beach is one of the beaches that attract lovers of isolation, mystery, and excitement, and this beach is characterized by the presence of a white sandy cave interspersed with blue Pacific waters, and this beach is one of the hidden beaches, as it is only accessible through a water tunnel, so that it reaches it Tourists swimming, or by rowing.

California Glass Beach

This beach (English: Glass Beach) is located in California, and it is characterized by its glass deposits located along it. It is mentioned that this beach was a place for throwing glass waste, cutting cars, and after it was cleaned and disposed of all that is not degradable in 1967 AD, came The role of nature to show its beauty from the remains of this waste. Porcelain and glass have been turned into pieces that resemble gravel in varying colors. These stones and pebbles appear as jewels lying on this beach.

Goa beaches

The beaches of Goa (English: The Beaches Of Goa) located in India are distinguished by their diversity. They are sunny and sandy beaches, with green spaces in them, where tourists enjoy the practice of water skiing and diving. These beaches are characterized by their night activities such as beach parties and clowns. In addition to the presence of many cafes in it.

Arboador beach in Brazil

Arpoador beach is considered one of the most popular beaches in Brazil, as it is the main point for surfing in Rio de Janeiro, and it is one of the beaches that people go to for hiking, and this beach has a distinctive night atmosphere, as it is illuminated Entirely, noting that it is characterized by the diversity of recreational activities in it, and it includes a group of restaurants and cafes.

Boulders Beach in South Africa

Boulders Beach is located in Cape Town in South Africa, and it is one of the protected beaches, where it contains huge granite rock entrances, and this beach is considered part of the National Table Mountain National Park, which is famous for the penguins that settled in 1982 AD, and is also considered This beach is one of the best beaches for wildlife lovers, as it allows for close monitoring of penguins.

The cathedral beach in Spain

The beach of the cathedrals (English: Beach of the Cathedrals) is located in the Spanish municipality of Ribadeo, and is characterized by its magnificent scenery of arches and natural caves, knowing that tourists can reach this beach by swimming during the high tide period, as they can walk, and wander through the slopes, and under The arches are low tide time, in addition to this beach is an inspiring place for many people, and it is worth noting that when visiting this beach, we find a variety of geological wonders, such as caves of various sizes, sandy paths, in addition to the rock arches Long.

Panama Beach, Florida

This beach is considered one of the most popular places for people to go on vacation because of its warm water and white sand, in addition to the recreational activities that take place in its surroundings for different ages, and the visitor can also practice hunting, in addition to the sport of walking and rowing.

Maryland City Beach

Ocean City Beach (English: Ocean City Beach) is one of the most important and best American beaches, with a length of 10 miles, and it is considered one of the beaches frequented by tourists for fishing, surfing, and swimming. Horse riding can also be practiced there. In addition to taking pets also, this beach includes a service for tourists (wheelchairs), and near it there are a group of hotels that provide a distinguished service for tourists and visitors.

Ruby Beach in Washington

Ruby Beach (English: Ruby Beach) is one of the most important beaches in Washington in the United States of America, and it is located on Highway 101, as it is about 3 hours away from Seattle by car, and it is worth noting that it is characterized by the presence of driftwood in it, and in large quantities It also has the color of reddish sand, in addition to the enjoyment of seeing the Pacific Ocean through it.

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