The best places to shop in New York

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Traveling to the United States of America, especially New York City, is the dream of many people, especially from the Arabs, but before you arrive in New York City you must get to know the most important and best shopping and going out places as shopping is a very special pleasure, especially for women, so we decided to gather you in this article better New York shopping venues to bring souvenirs to all of your lovers as well as enjoy the enchanting streets of New York City.

Best places to shop in New York City:

1- Madison Street:

First, if you travel to New York, do not forget to visit Madison Street and go to the platinum corridor, which includes many very luxurious shops that span more than 220 stores, and there you will find all international fashion stores and international brands and brands such as ((Yves Saint Laurent, Fair Wang and others) )) You will also find the latest international fashion designs that will definitely dazzle you with the splendor of design. You will also find a tremendous number of beauty and skin care shops that all Hollywood international artists mean, so do not forget to bring your personal care products from there.

2- Queens Center Mall:

Queens Center Mall is considered one of the most famous commercial places in the United States in general, because it includes a very large group of high-end and very modern shops, which are the most famous ones, and the best of them, who have inside them the latest international fashion designs with the finest and finest types of fabrics that you will not find unparalleled, as that Queens Center Mall is one of the cheapest shopping places in New York City.

3- Fifth Avenue Street and everything you dream about:

If you are a fan of collecting all things from one place, you should visit Fifth Avenue Street and there you will find everything you dream about, as Fifth Avenue Street is one of the finest and largest streets in Manhattan in New York and includes many different shops for all purposes of international fashion, shoes and accessories And jewelry, chocolate and souvenirs as well, as it is the main street in the entire United States of America and not New York City, as it is considered the main destination for every visitor in the world, especially a lover of shopping and choosing from a range of diverse configurations.

4- Café Housekeeping Works ((a special pleasure for reading lovers)):

But if you are one of the people who want fun, beauty, calm and reading books, you should visit Kafe Housing Works, as you will find in this place a large collection of very special and very rare books that you could not buy previously because of the high prices, but with This place will provide you with everything you need from rare books at very reasonable prices.

5- Brooklyn Via:

If you are a fan of the popular markets that are characterized by the quality of products with the cheapest prices, you should visit Souf Brockley Via which is located below the Manhattan Bridge, there are in this market more than 75 sellers offering a large variety of different goods, which includes a number of very famous technical brands, as well This market includes a number of very valuable artworks from Mirage and a group of very fine and old carpets from A Frank, but if you are a delicious dining enthusiast you will find a large group of food stalls and you can choose from banana pizza and mozzarella cheese balls which you will not You will find it at Brooklyn Via Market.

6- Grand Bazaar New York City for fans of old markets:

But if you are a fan of shopping in the tourist places and ancient and ancient markets, you should visit Grand Bazaar New York City, but you must go to it on Sunday, as it is not held only on this day, and it is possible through this market that you buy everything you want from Clothing, antiques and old art accessories as this market is the oldest market in New York City, and the market includes more than 100 vendors offering a number of different products and international designs, as the market also holds a group of different celebrations of official holidays and vacations, and you can also pick up a large group of Commemorative photos with mixing b For many people and know about the American heritage, customs and traditions of the people.

7- Winterfalia:

If you are visiting New York City during the winter and freezing cold, you must go to the Winter Market, as this market is one of the most important markets in America, which is held in a closed place in order to protect you from the cold. The market includes a large group of sellers And those who offer all kinds of goods that you need in one place, but you have to visit the market early in the day as the market witnesses a state of extreme crowding after noon.


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