The best places in Sapanca

المسافرون العرب

Lake Sapanca

It is the tourist attraction that is closest to the city of Istanbul, as it is one of the most important tourist attraction centers in the city of Sapanca. In addition to the amazing color of its turquoise waters, it mixes with its varied tree environment, and it provides visitors with the opportunity to engage in recreational activities, such as: Bike, and visitors can also eat delicious foods in restaurants, and cafes overlooking the lake directly.

The village of Al-Maachouqa

The village of Al-Maachoukiah is considered one of the most beautiful natural areas in the city of Sapanca, as it is located close to the wonderful Lake Sapanca from the northern side, where this charming village provides visitors, and tourists the opportunity to enjoy the scenic landscapes, from green forests, groves, groves, trees and gardens. The eyes of the eyes, the wonderful waterfalls, and in addition, the village houses many restaurants serving fish meals, and delicious food.

Masuki Village

This village is considered one of the wonderful rural natural areas in the city of Sapanca; it gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful rural nature, and the simple and pleasant atmosphere that prevails in this lifestyle, in addition to seeing the amazing natural scenery that captures the eyes, the hearts, and the food can be eaten, as can the food The village which is characterized by serving traditional Turkish food, and the most famous of which are trout meals.

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Historic places

The Turkish city of Sapanca includes many archaeological and historical sites. Here are some of the most important:

  • Rustem Pasha Mosque: It is an archaeological historical mosque built in 1555 CE by order of Rustam Pasha; Sultan Suleiman’s legal son-in-law, and despite the damage the mosque suffered through its history, it is still standing, and the five daily prayers are held until today.
  • Sheikh Musleh Al-Din Mosque: Where it was built in the fourteenth century AD, and underwent restorations and reforms in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty.
  • Orhan Mosque: It is a historical monumental mosque built in 1325 AD, but it was later damaged, demolished, and restored, and repaired in 1892 AD.

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