Guide to the most beautiful places of tourism in Lombok, Indonesia is one of the most distinguished and unique islands in many countries, which enjoy a charming and different nature, and its fine sandy beaches that are abundant in coconuts. There are also many popular festivals and Indonesian parties, and one of these islands is Lombok , Which is known as the most beautiful Bali island in Indonesia, Arab travelers show all the tourist places that can be visited on that island.


Lombok Island is one of the islands of Indonesia and is located in the western part of it, and it falls within the scope of the Lesser Sunda, which is one of the most beautiful and most prominent islands in Indonesia, and this island was formed in a circular manner, with an area of ​​about 4 thousand square kilometers, with a population of approximately three million Nesma, and most of its inhabitants embrace the Islamic religion, separated between them and the island of Bali, the strait of the island of Bali, Lombok is distinguished by its nature and its tropical climate is very humid and hot in summer, and moderate during the winter, there are many tourist places that fascinate you with its wonderful and charming nature.
It is one of the most important romantic tourist destinations, as it is always a destination for the couple to spend their honeymoon, because it has many amenities, calm and beautiful isolation that help you enjoy the most beautiful marine tourism, and there are a lot of international and local restaurants that are concerned with providing the best types of food, and you can also practice All kinds of sports and different identities, such as swimming and diving, are famous for the existence of the most beautiful natural waterfalls, and the most famous of all is the Teo Cliff Waterfall, and there are many resorts that provide you with comfort and relaxation with many services inside.

The most famous tourist places in the Lombok Islands

  • Tiu Kelep Waterfal Waterfall

It is located in the far north of Lombok Islands in the village of Senaru village, and it is within a natural reserve called Mount Regnagani Reserve, and its wonderful presence between forests and trees gave it a distinctive landscape that is very beautiful, and you can reach it through the city of Mataram through the mountain road or coastal road, and intersect His way with the Tergun Sindang Falls Road, in a place 16 minutes before him, is about 30 meters high, and the water flows between the rocks in it, and a lot of fog caused by the water comes out of it, and it enters from among the most rainy places, it arrives annually Many tourists as one of the most beautiful waf For waterfalls around the world.

  • Pink Beach

It is one of many distinctive and wonderful beaches in the Lombok Islands, and there are also seven different beaches with distinctive and wonderful natural colors, the secret behind his name came to this color pink, and it reflects the creativity of God Almighty in the creation of nature, and this color comes due to a natural phenomenon that occurs In the beach, which is a small and delicate coral reef developing, it enhances the presence of pink, which appears clear in the beach and not inside the water, the beach is away from the heart of the Lombok Islands about 51 km, a lot of tourists flock to see this wonderful nature of the water.

  • Mount Rinjani lombok

It is considered in second place in the Indonesian mountain peaks, after the Krainisi Mountain in Sumatra, and there is a wonderful garden at the bottom of the mountain called Mount Rinjani National Park, reaching a height of approximately 3726 meters, and the prevailing weather in it is the lower temperatures above and the clouds around it, and the reason The main formation of this mountain was a volcanic eruption in 1847, which led to the creation of this magnificent mountain.

  • Gili Islands

It is three small islands located in the northwestern part of the Lombok Islands, and it is one of the most famous tourist places that most tourists directly visit, and it consists of the Air, Minu and Trawangan Islands, and the most famous one among them is the Trawangan Islands, because it is considered the most beautiful in nature from the rest of the other islands, These islands tend to spend a time of rest, tranquility, relaxation, and contemplation of the wonderful nature and distinctive unique, they have many different restaurants for a wonderful dining experience in the water.

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