When Swiss interlaken is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the charming nature and high mountains that surround the city to highlight its beauty, so Interlaken is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Switzerland, where the wonderful strategic location between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and the passage of the river Aar in the city to appear as an artistic sketch drawn perfectly, To attract eyes and hearts, it is considered an ideal interface for fans of exploring the Swiss Alps and those who wish to move between the main cities of Switzerland, where many prefer to visit during the month of April, when the tourist season begins in the country, and to you now on Arab travelers a group M It is the best place in Interlaken to take some great souvenir photos in this amazing country.

Best places to shoot in Interlaken:

Interlaken is considered one of the most prominent European destinations that thousands of tourists visit every year to get to know its picturesque nature closely.

  • Schilthorn Mountain:

This mountainous place is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Interlaken, as it gained great popularity after its appearance in the James Bond movie in 1968, and many tourists come to visit it from all over the world, to visit this wonderful place that provides a magical panoramic scene, throughout the year in the winter It is intended for ski lovers and snow lovers to enjoy photographing in the middle of this mountain that is covered with a wonderful white dress from the snow, while in summer it is filled with green spaces, so lovers of calm and charming nature go to it, as the magnificence of the landscape there is difficult to encounter elsewhere, this matter that drives all its visitors Tooth S most beautiful and best moments catch the dozens of images of this wonderful place.

  • Trommel Bach Falls:

These waterfalls are located between the villages of La Trobernen and Stekalberg, as the journey there is like a fantasy where there are ten waterfalls inside a mountain cavity to become a wonderful façade intended for nature lovers, these waterfalls draw their water from the melted snow formed on three mountains, to appear a real scene very imaginative, has been done Digging tunnels and then building bridges so that tourists can see all the waterfalls and enjoy the wonderful rocks and the water you sculpted so strongly that the water will fall, so you can take some pictures that can be taken at this place.

  • Lake Brienz:

It is one of the landmarks of Interlaken where it is located in the Alps region in Switzerland on the northern side of it, and this lake is characterized by its virgin boredom and the virgin nature that surrounds it from everywhere. How much, as for its depth, it reaches 260 meters and the total area of ​​the lake is 29 km, and despite the breadth of this lake, it lacks the presence of fish wealth in it, which made the color of its waters a picturesque turquoise, and it is intended by many tourists to enjoy a cruise in the lake boats and watch The most beautiful Romentic scenes of this place, where this is the ideal place where water photography turquoise color offset by white clouds and adorned with green mountains, the images look like a fantasy scene.

  • Lake Blossi:

It is known as the blue lake that many legends revolve from far away from reality, but it remains a symbol of loyalty and love. In this wonderful lake, we find beautiful beauty, especially when taking a lake cruise and group rowing boats, and enjoying the landmarks on the shores of the lake, There, some rare photos can be photographed in this wonderful place to immortalize the nicest and most beautiful times of Lake Blossey.

  • Oberhofen Castle:

This castle is characterized by its own location on the bank of the well-known seconds of Lake Thuan, surrounded by many wonderful scenery and picturesque gardens. This castle contains a wonderful museum in which many artifacts dating back to various time periods that span the 16th to the 19th century are presented, and this castle has a unique entertainment experience Where it provides its visitors with all the means of luxury and luxury that were known during the Middle Ages, through displaying rooms for rent located inside the castle, so it is possible to go back to the past time and photograph wonderful fictional images that embody the ancient life that the people of the upper classes lived in pain Doanh, where to live in their homes and walk around the castle garden with charming views of the lake and colorful flowers that are spread all over the castle, so the imaging castle Ooberhoven a truly unique experience.

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