Al-Fatih is considered one of the first regions to be established in European Istanbul, and it is also one of the very important regions in the east of the ancient Romen Empire, as it contains many palaces, mosques and markets, making it one of the most famous tourist areas in Istanbul.

It often comes to the minds of all tourists to ask the Fatih region in Istanbul where it is located, so we will get to know you and its location and the most important landmarks that you should visit during the holidays in Turkey, in addition to the most important activities that you can do about visiting the most famous areas of Fatih Istanbul.

Fatih Istanbul hotels

The Fatih area in Istanbul contains a group of the most luxurious hotels in Istanbul, in terms of cleanliness, services and locations close to the most famous historical and tourist attractions in Istanbul, in addition to the prices that suit all budgets .. Read more

Fatih area hotels

Fatih Mosque, Istanbul

Al-Fatih Mosque is classified as one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul and one of the most important historical monuments that have gained wide popularity among the local residents and tourists from all over the world. The most distinguished feature of Al-Fatih Mosque is that it combines Ottoman culture and European culture, in addition to its amazing Baroque designs and dazzling decorations .. read more

Al-Fateh area

Fatih Street, Istanbul

Al-Fateh Street is famous for being one of the most beautiful historical streets of Istanbul, thanks to the Ottoman mosques, markets, popular bazaars, antique neighborhoods and ancient buildings. Today, it is one of the most attractive streets in Istanbul .. Read more

The Fatih area in Istanbul is where it is located

Al-Fateh Market

The Fatih Market is one of the most famous landmarks of Fatih in Istanbul, as it contains all personal supplies at low prices. It is also one of the most important wholesale markets in Istanbul. You can find many types of spices, natural herbs and nuts in addition to household tools .. Read more

Fatih area in Istanbul

Friday market in Istanbul

Among the most important reasons that made the Friday Market in Istanbul gain great popularity among Arab and foreign arrivals, it was divided into several parts, including a clothing section, a vegetable and fruit section, a shoe section, a fish section, and a cosmetic section, in addition to all the household necessities .. Read more

Fatih district of Istanbul

Al-Fateh Bazaar

Al-Fateh Bazaar is also called Wednesday Bazar because it is held on Wednesday only every week, and it is one of the most popular markets of Al-Fateh, providing all home accessories of vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs and fresh dairy products, in addition to clothes and leather goods at cheap prices .. read more

Fatih Istanbul

Historia Mall Istanbul

Historia Mall consists of 6 floors and includes the most famous and luxurious international and local brands, as it includes many entertainment options, such as cinema and bowling in addition to a wide selection of the best restaurants and cafes, and from what is most famous for the presence of a huge water fountain that mediates it, which made it one of the most famous recreational attractions In the Fatih region of Turkey .. Read more

Fatih Istanbul

Street dresses in Istanbul

It is one of the most crowded markets with local women, or even Arab and foreign tourists, who can buy the finest formations of evening dresses or weddings, in addition to accessories and cosmetics as well as regular clothes that suit all members of the family at low prices .. Read more


Chora Istanbul Museum

The Chora Istanbul Museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Fatih Turkey, as it houses a large collection of impressive mosaic mosaic art paintings that reflect Byzantine culture .. Read more

A museum in Fatih

Hatay Istanbul Restaurant

Hatay Istanbul Restaurant is famous for providing Turkish cuisine such as meat and kebab dishes of all kinds, in addition to the stuffed, appetizers, Turkish and oriental sweets, which made it gain wide fame among its visitors for the package and cooperation of its staff, and the availability of traditional Turkish dishes .. Read more

A restaurant in Fatih

Kababji Mahmoud Istanbul

Kababji Mahmoud Restaurant offers all kinds of Turkish kebab dishes, grilled meat and chicken, in addition to sheep dishes, and it is also famous for the types of stews that are cooked using popular and western spices .. Read more

Al-Fateh Restaurants

Sofra Istanbul Restaurant

Sufra Restaurant is distinguished for serving all kinds of Turkish cuisine and Ottoman Anatolian cuisine, in addition to the famous Western meals, oriental snacks and various eastern and western salads in addition to all kinds of grills .. Read more

Sofra Istanbul Restaurant

The Fatih area in Istanbul is where it is located

Al-Fateh location on the European map of Istanbul:

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