Agrasen ki Baoli is a historical landmark in New Delhi and is one of the tourist attractions in India. It is 60 meters long and 15 meters wide and is located on Hili Road near Connaught Makan.
This 14th-century structure is nested between multi-storey buildings from the Connaught archaeological site, and has been designated as a violin protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.
It is clear from the entrance to the archaeological teacher that it is as old as history and continues to witness history and reveal secrets and features hidden in the depths of such places.
Pauli is an Indian word meaning well listed. Agarsin Ki Pauli was originally created to provide continuous water supply to the city as well as a place for travelers.

Agrasen Ki Paoli, New Delhi

Activities you can do in Agrasin Ki Paoli

• Take a tourist tour inside the well, where the unique structure, which is completely different from the traditional round shape of any well, will surprise you. It has three levels where each level has an arched area and take a number of memorial photos and share them with friends.

Agrasen Ki Pauli Delhi

• The place is surrounded by many tourist places you can visit, the most important of which is Gentar Mantar, which is an observatory surrounded by wonderful green spaces that constitute a suitable place for picnics with the family.

Hotels near Agrasen Key Pauli Delhi

The Hans Hotel is a 4-star hotel in New Delhi, 0.3 km from Agarsin Key Paoli, New Delhi, India

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The hotel is rated good in cleanliness, view, and staff. Poor services for the price.
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The Lalit New Delhi, one of the best 5-star hotels in India, is 0.4 km from Agrasun Ki Pawli Delhi

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The hotel is rated good in services, staff, location, and cleanliness.
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Agrasen Ki Paoli Delhi site

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