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The capital of Morocco

The city of Rabat is considered the capital of Morocco, located specifically on the western side of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, which includes the first settlement of the Romens on the land of Morocco in the past, then the Berbers came and established their first civilizational landmarks, Rabat was actually established in the twelfth century AD, it was subordinate to Islamic rule; Its monotheistic rulers who established on its land a group of distinctive landmarks including the palaces, buildings, towers, mosques, and markets, which led to its rapid development, and in 1609 AD, the Rabat community mixed between the indigenous population and the Andalusian Arab immigrants coming from the S Ania, then Morocco was occupied by the French occuAl Bahahn the entire city and became a subsidiary of the French colonization, Morocco, and its cities remained under the French occuAl Bahahn until it won its independence and choice as its capital Rabat, and that in 1956 the end of the occuAl Bahahn of the Arab Maghreb.

History of the city of Rabat

The city of Rabat was established in the twelfth century, and that was the first Almohad sultans, Abd Ghafer. The city, along with the construction of a huge mosque from which it remains at the present time the prominent Hassan Tower, then became Rabat after the year 1609 AD a place where Andalusian Moroccans who were expelled from Spain to take refuge in.

Landmarks of the city of Rabat

Rabat includes a number of historical and tourist attractions, the most important of which are:

  • Valley of the Valley: The original castle is located at the mouth of the Burraqraq River, and the Kasbah Mosque, which was added by UNESCO to the World Heritage List, is located in 2006 AD.
  • Shawl: It is an ancient Romen site, its term was an ancient port, it includes a group of ancient ruins and picturesque charming gardens, and the area includes the ancient Abu Saif Mosque.
  • Hassan Tower: It is a minaret, made of red sandstone, and is considered the largest minaret in the world, with a height of 140 feet, and in 1995 AD it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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