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The city of Castries

Castries is the capital of the state of Saint Lucia, so it includes the highest levels of ministries and departments in its government, in addition to the presence of the national parliament in it. It is one of the best tourist destinations in St. Lucia, as the port of this city receives the tourist ships to which many tourists are transported, in addition to merchandise ships, and the city of Castries is also considered the commercial center in Saint Lucia. It should be noted that this city was founded in 1650 AD by French explorers.

About the city of Castries

The space

The capital, Castries, is the largest city on the island of Saint Lucia, with a total area of ​​79 km2, while its population density is about 890 people / km2.

Geographical and astronomical location

The city of Castries is located in a region where flooding is widespread near the Caribbean Sea. It was built on a reclaimed land area, and this city was designed according to a network pattern. Astronomically, this city is located on the latitude (14.01), and on the longitude (-60.99).

official language

It is important to mention that the two languages: English and French are spread among the inhabitants of the capital, Castries, and they are considered the two official languages.

Tourist Attractions

The capital, Castries, includes many attractions, such as: Pigeon Island, and the Morn Fortune hill with a magnificent view, and some historical monuments, such as the Emaculate Cathedral, and this city is characterized by its attractive beaches, most notably Fiji Beach.

Famous personalities

There are some famous personalities that were brought out by the capital, Castries, and they are considered their land and home, and the most prominent of them are:

  • Arthur Lewis: Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, in the year 1979 AD.
  • Derek Walcott: Nobel laureate in literature, in the year 1992.

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