Below is a guide to the cheapest European countries for tourism that you can visit at the lowest cost, in addition to the advantages of each tourist destination and comparison between them in addition to the most important tourist attractions in each country, and the appropriate destinations for families and young people on the Arab travelers website.

The cheapest countries in Europe for tourism 2020:

European countries are the best destinations ever, whether you are looking for the enchanting nature, world-class shopping malls or the city’s sophisticated technical life and organization you will find what you are looking for somewhere in Europe. The weather is mild in the summer and it is easy to visit many places at reasonable costs.
These are the cheapest countries in Europe suitable for families and youth and for an exceptionally perfect honeymoon.

The country of Romenia at very favorable costs:

  • Tourism in the country of Romenia combines the large number of monuments that express the greatness of the history of cities in addition to local markets, and the beauty and charm of nature for each of my views.
  • One of the most famous places in the country is the antique Transylvania, which is located in the middle of the country and contains many ancient monuments and impressive natural flats.
  • Booking a hotel in Romenia will be very easy and at excellent prices, thanks to the great competition from hotels, which provides great budget prices.
  • The first place to visit in Romenia is Bucharest, the country’s capital. It includes many impressive museums, international shopping centers, antique buildings and local markets, in addition to many cafes in alleys and luxury restaurants. If your budget is good, then you can go down at the resort of Sinai to enjoy an unforgettable stay and excellent services in this luxurious place.

Czech Republic, where the magic of nature at the lowest costs:

  • Nobody went through the Czech Republic and denied the beauty of the city, especially the capital Prague, which is one of the most famous and most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe.
  • The Czech Republic is one of the countries that a large number of tourists come from everywhere to enjoy the dazzling poetic atmosphere, whether in the local markets or restaurants that give you the opportunity to see the river directly.
  • You can also visit the ancient museums in the Czech Republic and the famous castles, and many family-friendly activities and excursions for young people are organized at the same time.
  • Additional points of interest include Karlovy Vary Resort, which is famous for its flowing water, driving springs, and nature field, as well as the idyllic Cesky and Plzen.

Albania, where dazzling beaches and the warmth of nature:

  • It is a small country located in the Balkans, and recently it has become very famous thanks to the many tourist attractions and the various activities that can be participated in in the country in addition to cheap travel and accommodation costs.
  • Many festive festivals and events involving young people and families are organized, and it boasts quiet beaches and unparalleled natural places.
  • As for housing in Albania, you will find many hotels in the capital of Albania Tirana, so you can go everywhere in the country and take a full tour to see and explore the most famous cities of Albania such as Durres, Sarande and Flora.

Montenegro secret of low-cost tourism:

  • One of the most impressive and unheard of places is Montenegro, a region that mediates between Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Montenegro can be considered one of the hidden gems that have not been heard much and which are still undiscovered for all, but its popularity increases every day in a way that you can not imagine.
  • Not only the beauty of the place, but also the cheap costs of tourism and overnight, as you can get off at Montenegro hotels at very economical prices when comparing tourism in the rest of the well-known countries of Europe, which is a great place for families and young people.
  • In Montenegro, there are many tourist places, green parks and elegant markets, in addition to the many idyllic cities that combine the magic of mountains and the beauty of rivers, including Berast and St. Stephen’s Island, Olseny Resort and the dense forests in Zabliac.

Greece beauty is incomparable nature:

  • When we talk about the most beautiful countries in Europe and the cheapest in terms of costs, it is not possible to neglect Greece, which has maintained its popularity throughout the ages thanks to the beauty of nature and the beauty of sandy coastal beaches whose beauty is unparalleled anywhere else around the world.
  • In Greece, you will find a huge number of uninhabited and densely populated islands that are suitable for youth tours, family tourism and spending an ideal honeymoon. People are tourists and simple.
  • Greece is one of the countries with the most ancient history embodied in ancient monuments scattered everywhere, and restaurants are excellent and very healthy food.
  • Wherever you go in Greece you will find hotels that offer great services and affordable prices for everyone. Hotels in Greece are centered around famous parks, ancient museums and international shopping centers in order to buy different needs with your family. If you are a nature lover, you can visit and explore any of the Greek islands such as Corfu Island and Rhodes Island.

Hungary where fun and joy:

  • If your culture about tourist attractions in Hungary is restricted to Budapest, the country’s capital, you miss a lot of joy and surprise.
  • In Hungary there are a lot of tourist places that enjoy an amazing nature and a pleasant atmosphere, and the hotel prices in the country are much cheaper than the rest of the known countries of Europe.
  • You can consider the capital as your starting point to explore the rest of the cities in the country, and Lake Balaton is the most famous place in the capital and is a destination for tourists to learn more about the city and its people and the nature of their lives, and take the most beautiful memorial photos at the same time.
  • You can visit the wonderful museums and local markets, or eat local food in an elegant and luxurious way. The old historic city is also one of the most famous destinations that attract tourists from everywhere in the world.

Slovenia is the paradise of God in His land:

  • Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, which was not discovered as a global tourist destination today.
  • If you are a fan of dazzling tourist destinations other than the countries everyone visits, then this is the perfect choice for you.
  • Slovenia combines calm and relaxation with the beauty of nature and its charm. The people are also welcome to tourists and hotels offer a lot of services at an affordable price, which is the ideal tourist destination for honeymoon with your partner, to create unforgettable memories and take the most beautiful memorial photos.
  • In Ljubljana, the capital of the country, there are many tourist attractions that are calm and beautiful at the same time, in addition to the huge nature reserves, and the caves dazzling with its magic and mystery, which are found everywhere in the country.
  • It is not to be missed visiting the charming Lake Bled, which is one of the most famous symbols of Slovenia, nor a visit to Maribor, and the many grape farms.

Bulgaria When You Can Do Everything:

  • The most important thing that distinguishes Bulgaria from the rest of the tourist countries in the continent of Europe is the large number of tourism activities that can be done in the city, which attracts tourists from everywhere. From the dazzling sandy beaches to the ancient monuments to the unparalleled nature reserves.
  • Bulgaria is one of the cheapest places in the world and has markets at reasonable prices for different budgets.
  • The best way to start your trip to the state of Bulgaria is to stay in a hotel within walking distance of everything, especially in the middle of the capital Sofia, and from the destinations we recommend the Sozopol Resort and Nessebar Resort, which are among the most famous products that feature direct views of the coast in Europe. The reason tourists and residents turn to it in order to sunbathe and engage in various marine activities.
  • Hotel prices are very simple in the coastal areas, but if you like to go down in an evergreen place, you should visit the wonderful Bansko Resort, Rila National Park, the impressive waterfalls and many natural areas that are found everywhere in Bulgaria.

Belgium is an upscale cheap tourist destination:

  • Belgium is the best cheap tourist destination if you intend to spend a short break in the arms of nature. Belgium is one of the most inexpensive countries in Europe that offers 8 different housing options, including inexpensive hotels.
  • What little is known is that visiting Belgium will save you more money when compared to the costs of visiting France and England.
  • Belgium is one of the best destinations if you do not intend to take a long vacation or are quickly bored of staying in the same place. Since the country is a little small and you will be able to see everything in a few days and satiate with this amazing experience.
  • Brussels has many excellent hotels close to attractions, old museums and impressive monuments. It is not possible to miss a taste of the famous Belgian chocolate, visit the town’s restaurants, stroll through the streets and buy souvenirs.
  • At the same time, Belgium can be considered a great destination for family trips or during the honeymoon, and you must pass through Ghent, the impressive city of Bruges and the city of Dinant for an unforgettable vacation in the arms of Belgium, the quietest and most beautiful destinations in Europe.



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