Tourism is considered the economic backbone of the countries, as it generates a lot of money from the country, which would contribute to the reconstruction of the country and improve the living conditions of the population.

Since the European continent was the most regions in the world that tourists want to know about its nature and its features, and enjoy amazing tourist trips in it, and in many cases the practice of shopping pleasure, several surveys and studies were conducted on the cheapest European countries, the Balkan countries occupied the first place, followed by Bulgaria and Romenia And Cyprus.

The cheapest European country for tourism


It is considered one of the cheapest tourist countries compared to the rest of the European countries. The cost of living in Kiev, for example, does not exceed fifty dollars per day per person, due to the high levels of inflation that occurred as a result of the great decline of the Ukrainian currency due to the war in which two and four years ago. ten.


Traveling is a pleasure, after which Europeans wanting to spend the weekend are paving, especially to Krakow, where the ancient ancient city is inexpensive, in addition to the capital Warsaw, which is famous for wandering through horse-drawn carriages.


In Sofia, in particular, where it is considered a wonderful tourist city, inexpensive for those who want to shop from, and it is distinguished for the fact that tourists pay special attention in terms of reception and welcome.


In particular, its capital, Belgrade, which entered the competition field in order to extract a place among the tourist countries, as a tourist attraction, to enjoy cheap prices, especially its nightlife.


Acknowledging everyone who visited this country, Budapest is a great destination for everyone who wants to travel to it, as it is rich in monuments, and contains many castles that still witness the successive civilizations, in addition to the cathedrals, monasteries, museums, and inexpensive resorts.

Czech Republic

Prague comes in the forefront of the tourist cities, but recently it started to increase in the cost of tourism services significantly, followed by the city of كيesk المُ Krumlov, which overlooks the crooked river, a natural period with its picturesque scenery, especially the old town that still preserves its traditions and historical heritage, which is considered A tourist attraction despite the few tourists who visit it compared to Prague.


Its cities are distinguished by its supervision of the sea, and it is one of the most important factors attracting tourists to it. Because Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is an inland city, prices are still relatively cheap, intended by tourists to go from Plitvice Lakes to the rest of the beach cities.


This island located in the Mediterranean Sea, where historical authenticity blends with modernity, and what distinguishes it is the great decline in shopping prices, especially on consumer goods.

other countries

  • Romenia: The old town in the Bucharest region is a magnet for tourists, as they go from all over the world, due to the low costs of tourism in it.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: It is also a low-cost Balkan country, with a magical nature between mountains and valleys, especially in the city of Sarajevo.

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