There are many places and markets in Istanbul that are famous for them and have the cheapest prices and are considered one of the most famous global leisure destinations as they have a lot of places that meet the needs of every person. They satisfy all tastes, lovers of history and culture, lovers of enjoying modern life, lovers of shopping and fun, and lovers of Enjoying food and savoring delicious foods, and in our topic today we will talk more about the cheapest markets in Istanbul so that all who want to go to Istanbul and enjoy shopping in these wonderful markets benefit us.

The cheapest markets in Istanbul:

There are many markets known for their affordable and inexpensive prices, in which all the person’s needs are sold at reasonable prices and accessible to all. These markets are:

First: Al-Fateh Bazaar:

The Al-Fateh Market or Al-Fateh Bazaar is one of the markets that are located in the middle of the distinctive historical places, which is the historic Al-Fateh area and it is also called the veiled market, which is one of the oldest markets in Istanbul and we would like to assure you that you will find in this market all the fruits and vegetables you need and household appliances There is also a very large group of clothes of various shapes and prices and there are multiple tastes to suit all tastes, and in the Al-Fateh market there are about 2500 stores and stores that sell all the necessities of the family, and the Al-Fateh market is located along seven main streets and that is not the presence of many wonderful alleys That are out there.

Second: Jewels Mall:

Jewels Mall is one of the most famous malls in Istanbul and known to many tourists. The mall has many shops, stores, restaurants, cafes, theaters and cinemas, and this is what distinguishes it of course, other than its cheap and appropriate prices, as there are in the stores in the Jewels Mall many of the most famous international brands at very low prices In Jawaher Mall, there are 280 shops spread over six floors, they have everything you want to buy, so we advise you to visit Jawaher Mall and enjoy the cheapest prices.

Third: Mahmoud Pasha Market:

Mahmoud Pasha market is one of the best and most popular popular markets in Istanbul and it is near the well-known Egyptian spice market and in Mahmoud Pasha market you can have the opportunity to buy many different types of different and various products needed for every home and every family at the cheapest prices and there are in the Mahmoud Pasha market many shops that Selling all kinds of clothes and household items, and many other accessories and electrical stores.

Fourth: Yashil Koy Bazaar:

The Yesil Koy Bazaar is a ratio of its presence in this region and it is also called the Wednesday market and it is one of the cheapest markets that you can visit while you are in Istanbul and enjoy shopping and buying roses of all kinds and all the cosmetic accessories and powders for women and men also and there are a lot of stores that sell food and this bazaar is also famous With many cafes on its sides, you can enjoy shopping.

Fifth: Othman Bey Market:

The Osmanbey market is one of the most well-known markets with the presence of many Turkish shops that sell many products that keep pace with the times and fashion, including various clothing stores, perfume stores and various souvenir shops and you will never forget that it will be the cheapest price and we wish you enjoy shopping in this market.

Sixth: Lallali region:

It is known for the Lalali area that it is one of the best places where you can shop and buy all kinds of beautiful and appropriate clothes at a price and not the cheapest as the Lalali area is distinguished by selling in a wholesale way and thus its prices are lower than other markets.

Seventh: Friday Market:

Friday Market is located in the Zada ​​Hotel area, and it is very famous for its cheap prices and suitable for all people. They are visited by tourists so that they can enjoy the purchase of the necessary things for them and at the best available price, all of this is available in the Friday market in Istanbul.

Eighth: Arasta Market:

Arasta market is famous for the presence of a lot of handicrafts and all handmade clothes and certainly the best materials. The Arasta market is located behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is located in the north of Torun Street and it is one of the very old markets and it contains more than 77 stores of well-known shops that attract tourists to go to .

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