The fictional Greek island of Santorini

The island is defined as an area of ​​land, surrounded by water from all sides, some of which are small in size not exceeding a few meters, including those whose area is equal to the area of ​​a country, and the most important islands are Java, Cyprus, Canary, Crete, Malta, Bahrain, Arwad, Mainau. Among the picturesque and distinctive islands, which are almost enchanted by its visitor, the Greek island of Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands that extend on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where it is characterized by its wonderful nature, the beauty of its climate and its moderation, and the poets enrich its charm, as it is one of the most beautiful islands located on the White Sea The average.


It is an island that arose due to the accumulation of layers of lava, and that 3600 years ago, which helped to form a plateau for the island, and wraps around the island a green nature and fertile lands all suitable for agriculture, which is an island located in the southernmost part of the Greek archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, and its capital, Fira, away Al Jazeera on the life of hustle and bustle.

Santorini Island is considered one of the most important European islands, and it is one of the 20 most visited regions in the world for tourists, and it is one of the most important and most beautiful 10 islands in the world. The moderate Greek sun, provides high-class services, and enjoy the comfort of suites and villas overlooking the sea coast. We can go to the island through international flights from the country residing in it, to Athens International Airport, then ride in an internal plane and go to the island, and the journey lasts for an hour, while the second option is to go to the island in the ship, where the journey lasts from 6 to 7 hours.


Visitors have many events, including:

  • rock climbing.
  • Water sports, from kayaking, to diving on the sea floor.
  • Hiking to discover the beauty of the island.
  • Swimming pools for all ages.
  • Shopping stores, shoe stores, luxury pottery shops, precious jewelry stores, and clothing stores.
  • Visiting many museums, including the Thira Akrotiri Historical Museum, the ancient Thira Misafono Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Folk Heritage Museum, the Argyros Palace Museum, the Naval Museum.
  • The presence of bars, hotels and cafes that provide the best services.
  • Visit the monumental frozen city of Manawan in volcanic ash, which dates back to the Bronze Age.


  • Grace Santorini Hotel is considered one of the most beautiful hotels due to its direct sea view.
  • Aqua Vista Hotel boasts stunning nature views and low prices.
  • The Calistizia Hotel, which is a hospitality, is a 4-star hotel.


The island offers countless types of the most famous Greek food and drinks, and the most important restaurants are:

  • Celine Restaurant, located in Brugos, famous for its traditional architecture, offers delicious pasta.
  • The Dimitry Taverna restaurant, which offers the most beautiful sunset view, offers the most delicious seafood meals such as crabs.

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