It is the city that holds the title of the city of suspended bridges, and it is located within the borders of the state of Constantine in the Algerian Arab Republic, and it is called several names such as the city of bridges and the capital of the East of Algeria as well, and what distinguishes this historic city is its location on a very solid limestone rock, and this city embraces eight suspended bridges and from Including: Bab Al-Qantara Bridge, Sidi Rashid Bridge, Sidi Masid Bridge, Mallah Suleiman Bridge, Al Majazan Al Ghanam Bridge, Al Shaitan Bridge, Waterfalls Bridge, and the most recent bridge between all these bridges is the Constantine Giant Bridge.

The giant bridge of Constantine

Also called the Independence Bridge, which is one of the projects supported by cables, it is considered a link between the two parts of Wadi Carmel, and the Algerian government began construction on the fifteenth of September 2010 AD, the construction was made of concrete and steel, and the construction area starts from the United Nations Square to The surface of Mansoura is in the center of Constantine, and is considered the third important city in the country, and the Brazilian complex Andrade Gutiers is the main supervisor of the design and construction of the project.

The construction period of the bridge took about four years, when it was opened on the sixteenth of April 2014, and its length reaches about 750 meters with a width of 27.34 meters, and a height of 130 meters.

The need for the Constantine Bridge

The city of Constantine witnessed a remarkable development on the economic and social levels, and the city took the form of a sickle-building, and the Algerian government resorted to forcing officials to create solutions to the traffic problems facing the city since the beginning of the year 2000 AD, so ideas and proposals that found a solution to this problem flowed, and among these solutions was The giant bridge of Constantine.

The various development programs of Algeria have focused on the giant bridge bridge crossing the Valley of the Sands and the link between its two sides, where it was placed in the first place in terms of interest, and it is mentioned that this project came to solve the problem of the existence of the huge rock upon which the city is built entirely, as it made it difficult to establish regular streets except with the presence Bridges so that citizens can reach the second part of the valley, and in addition to the above, it is a matter of building its frequent closure more than once during the years 2011 and 2012 AD for Sidi Rashid Bridge and working on its restoration.

Constantine Bridge properties

The giant Constantine Bridge is distinguished by several characteristics from other bridges of the city, including:

  • Reinforcement of the bridge, with cables totaling about 1119 meters, and branching into 370 sub-bridges.
  • It combines the two parts of the city that are separated by Wadi Rimal.
  • It is about sixty meters above the sand valley level.
  • It includes a cable integrated structure between connections and entrances that extends up to 4,300 meters.
  • It is located in parallel with the Transatlantic Hotel.
  • It passes over the Bardo district diagonally.
  • The bridge is based on six small towers with loads distributed between them.
  • Resists natural disasters such as earthquakes and high winds.

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