The islands of Greece near Turkey

Greece consists of a group of islands that range between 1,200 and 6,000, but the number of inhabited islands does not exceed 227, and here we will introduce you to the islands of Greece near Turkey, as follows:

Argo Saronic Islands

It was named after the Saronic Gulf, which is located near the city of Athens, and it consists of a group of islands, including: Salamina, Aegina, Poros, Ducos, Agestri and others, and it is indicated that it is considered one of the important tourist destinations in Greece, as it is characterized by its scenery. Picturesque natural, charming atmosphere, in addition to its unique architecture. It is noteworthy that sometimes the islands of Hydra and Spetses are included on the island of Saronic even though they are located near the bay of Argolic, and for this reason these islands are called “Argo Saronic”.


This island is located in the Aegean Sea, in the southeastern region of Greece, and it consists of about 220 islands. It is divided into the main big islands: Amorgos, Anafi, Andros, Delos, Kea and Keithos, in addition to a group of small islands, and unlike the islands Small, the big islands are uninhabited.

Northern Aegean Islands

It is a group of separate islands located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, and is divided between Greece and Turkey, and the main islands there are: Samos, Lesbos, Limnos, Psara, Tenedos, and Arbit, which are considered tourist attractions in both Turkey and Greece , Due to its densely populated beaches and warm waters.


This island is located in the Aegean Sea, and it is divided into 15 large islands and more than 150 small islands, but the number of inhabited islands does not exceed 26, and the name “Dodecanese” means “twelve islands”, and the most important of its islands are the following: Agathonisi (Agathonisi), Kalymnos, Kasos, Patmos, Karpathos, and Rhodes.


It is located along the east coast of Greece, and it consists mainly of 24 islands, but the number of permanently inhabited islands is only 4, namely: Skopelos, Skiathos, Alonissos, and Skyros, while the uninhabited islands are called “Thessalian Sporades” (Thessalian Sporades), meaning “scattered islands”, which were referring to islands outside the scope of the island of Cyclades, and the geography of the island has been divided into five main regions, namely: Thessaly, Thracian, Western Sporades, Eastern Sporades, and Southern Sporades.

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