The largest city in India is former name Bombay

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Bombay City

Statistics for 2020 indicate that Bombay is the largest Indian city, with a population of about 12,691,836 people, and it is indicated that it is the center of entertainment, finance, and trade in the country, in addition to being the fourth largest city in the world in terms of population density, and is one of the most The urban areas of the world are crowded with population, and the population density of the city reaches about 73,000 per square mile, and more than 22 million people live in the urban areas of the city, and over the past twenty years the city has witnessed a massive explosion in population growth due to migration to search for jobs And job opportunities.

The geographical location of the city of Bombay

Bombay is considered the capital of the state of Maharashtra, which is located in the southwestern part of India, and on the coast of Maharashtra, which is the financial and commercial center of the country, and its main port overlooks the Arabian Sea. It was built on the site of an ancient settlement, and its name is derived from the local gods Mumba, However, during the British colonial period, its name changed to Bombay, and in 1995 the city regained the name Mumbai, and it became the official name of the city, and despite that, the name Bombay is still commonly used.

General information about Bombay

There are many information related to the city of Bombay, as follows:

  • Bombay occupies an area of ​​603 square kilometers.
  • Bombay has a tropical, humid and dry climate, with hot and humid summers and cold, dry winters, and heavy rain falls from July to October.
  • It is preferable to visit Bombay in the period between November and February, when the weather is cold, and humidity is minimal.
  • The city is distinguished by its world culture, as its residents celebrate a variety of festivals.
  • The city embraces many important tourist attractions, including the following:
    • India Gate: One of the most famous historical monuments in Bombay, and is a beautiful monument built as a triumphal arch, on the occasion of King George V’s visit to the country.
    • (Bhuleshwar): Located in the south of Bombay, it contains the Mumba Devi Temple, famous for its supermarkets, and the Zaveri Bazaar.
    • Elephanta Caves, which are characterized by carving from hard rocks, contain shrines, squares, halls and sculptures of Hindu religious importance.
    • Juhu Beach, which is considered one of the landmarks worth visiting in the city of Bombay, as it embodies the culture of the city through the food stalls that the city is famous for, and along the beach are the palaces of famous Indian cinema, as well as the palaces of a group of businessmen.
    • Mumbai Museum of Natural History.
    • Kanheri Caves.
    • Hanging Gardens.


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