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Aya Sofia

Aya Sofya is one of the most famous landmarks of Istanbul, and it was a church built during the reign of Emperor Justinian, but it turned into a mosque after the Muslims took control of Constantinople (Istanbul today) during the reign of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, and remained so until it was completed. Converted into a museum in 1935 AD, Hagia Sophia is distinguished by its innovative architectural fabric, great religious importance, and it also includes a huge dome with beautiful mosaics.

Qapi Brick Palace

The Topkapı Palace Museum (English: Topkapı Palace Museum) is considered one of the most beautiful monuments in Istanbul, and one of the most important is it is of beautiful architecture, and is distinctive, as Ottoman Islamic engineering overlapped with the models, and European engineering, due to its expansion more than once by the Ottoman Sultans. Successive, this palace contains in its fold a wide range of distinctive manuscripts and books, as well as a collection of holdings dating back to the era of the Ottoman Empire.

the blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque was built one of the important and beautiful landmarks in Istanbul during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I, and its name was taken from the blue-colored court that was used in its construction, and which gave it its beauty and luster, knowing that this mosque is also called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which is a slogan Islamic art in Istanbul, as it includes a group of facilities, such as the school, and the area for medical aid, in addition to a special break for the Sultan.

Sulaymaniyah Mosque

The Sulaymaniyah Mosque is considered one of the most magnificent Ottoman mosques located in Istanbul, and one of the most beautiful. This magnificent mosque was commissioned by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent at the hands of the most famous architects of the time (Eng. Muammar Sinan) in the period between the years (1550 – 1557 AD), and Sinan created In his work, he produced a distinctive architectural masterpiece of floors, gardens, stained glass windows, as well as domes, and mosque facilities from a school, bathroom, and hostel for travelers.

Other landmarks

The following are some of the highlights of Istanbul, including:

  • Carya Museum (Chora Church).
  • Basilica Tank.
  • Pera Museum.
  • The Grand Bazaar.

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