Many Arab tourism enthusiasts do not know the wonderful tourist destinations in the Sultanate of Oman, although this country rich in history and civilization is a popular destination for many foreign tourists around the world. European tourism offers are not free of organizing annual trips to this quiet country that brings nature tourism, civilization and shopping tourism , The Sultanate of Oman, which is true to describe it as “sleeping beauty” similar to the famous story, because it is full of many beautiful cities and sites, but it did not obtain its right to know it and encourage its visit.

Learn with us about the 10 most famous tourist destinations in Amman and discover a lot about Sinbad, a country full of adventures and surprises.
What distinguishes Oman from others? Tourism in Oman must have a different taste, as this country is distinguished by the tranquility and safety that every traveler needs in his travel, just as the era of tourism in the Sultanate of Oman is close, so it is not crowded with tourist trips like other famous regions, and thus provides An excellent environment for those fleeing from the noise of life and the bustle of work and crowded cities, in addition to the diversity of their landscapes, from mountains to charming beaches, green forests, castles and historical forts, Oman is distinguished by the Eastern flavor in everything, it is rich in civilization and historical tales and full of beautiful traditions, as you can also Learn about many Wild rare animals in the reserves and the mountains of Oman’s unique, famous for diving, climbing by sports lovers mountain adventures, sports horses and camel riding, and finally attracts you in this country simply people and their spirit gentle and welcoming visitors clear and their generosity.
The 10 most beautiful tourist destinations in the Sultanate of Oman
1- Muttrah Muttrah Bay is one of the most beautiful and vital areas in Muscat, as it is characterized by its vibrant and oriental flavors, such as the vegetable market and the fish market, which is located in streets opposite the Corniche. The area is distinguished by its old and original houses that still preserve their character to this day.

2- Nizwa is a charming oasis and an ancient center of commerce, rich in gardens and palm groves. It is also a religious center for the Sultanate of Oman, as it instantly attracts you to the view of the blue and golden domes of the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, and is famous for the Friday Market, which is located south of the main market for selling livestock.

3- Green Mountain is enough for you to take a trip to the Green Mountain Road to be dazzled by the scenery of mountain villages, farms, winding roads, and charming charming valleys. It is truly a view comparable to the most beautiful scenery in Europe and Asia. You can reach the top of the mountain and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view and a wide extension of the green that provides psychological comfort.

4- Nakhlou Fort is one of the largest castles in Amman, located on a barren rocky mass and surrounded by tall mountains. The area is famous for its hot springs that have turned into a resort where families meet during the weekend to enjoy music, barbecue and recreation.

5- The wadis, a group of dry valleys, the most famous and most beautiful of which are “Shab Shab Valley” and “Taiwi Valley” near Tire, enjoy the views of ponds and streams between the tall rock walls, in addition to exotic palm gardens, and to take a small tour you will see “Wadi Bani Khalid” “The coolest valleys in the area, it is truly one of the unforgettable experiences.

6- Salalah is approximately a thousand kilometers to the southwest of Muscat, a charming region characterized by miles of white sandy beaches, coconut trees and azure clear waters in addition to dazzling green oases and many historical monuments, which is an ideal starting point to get to know the Dhofar region by taking a trip In the car and enjoy the scenic views.

7- The Frankincense Mountains in Salalah: Frankincense trees (from which incense is made) grow in an ideal climate on the northern slopes of the Dhofar Mountains, as the “Frankincense Garden” in Wadi Douqa is one of the World Heritage sites according to UNESCO due to the huge amount of frankincense trees in this valley, enjoy a trip in Dhofar Mountains are rich with wonderful timeless scenes.

8- A large desert and prestige of the sea stretching from fine sand and sand dunes, an ideal area for camping lovers in the “righteousness,” live an unforgettable night under the sky of clear stars on a magical desert night. Camping can be done in a desert camp set up specifically for those looking to try something similar.

9- Ras Al-Jinzi, located in the south of Tire, and is characterized by natural reserves rich in many varieties of rare animals, an ideal place for animal lovers and family trips with children, where you can see sea turtles laying eggs in the period from June to November, in addition to many other animal species that You can watch it during the “hatching” process.

10- The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in the country, blends different cultures, arouses admiration for its architecture of sandstones, and you need a little luck to have the opportunity to ascend to the minaret whose door is rarely opened, in order to have a breathtaking view of the entire city.

The most beautiful beaches of Oman
The beach of Musandam Peninsula is a region of great strategic importance as it controls the Strait of Hormuz, and is 50 km from Iran, the beauty of this region lies in the straits, some of which are up to 20 km in length while surrounded by mountains that rise to 2000 m, which is an ideal place for touring boats, you can Your journey starts from the popular and well-loved “Khasab”, passing through the “Sham” creek. One of the most important tourist activities in this region is swimming, diving and visiting the small fish village. It is a great spot to get to know the natural terrain and enjoy the water.

Oman Gulf Coast extends this coast south of Muscat on the Arabian Sea, you can take a car tour on this coast that passes through the wonderful “Taiwi” valley, passing through the ruins of “Qalhat” which was a thriving city in the fourteenth century, and ending with the beautiful city of Tire, where the historical district is located The city faces the sailing yard, and Tire is still considered a major center for shipbuilding, especially the manufacture of traditional sailing boats.

Dhofar Coast is a long and white sandy coast, in which many coconut trees and some tropical plants grow, as the region is famous for many varieties of birds, where many rare birds meet at the edge of the lakes formed by estuaries in “Mashsil” and “Samhuram”, and you can also see Dolphins that swim in the shallow waters in the early times of the morning, and you must pay attention during swimming in these beaches because the currents in the Indian Ocean are strong, and the monsoons blow from the region from May to September, and the French “Club of the Mediterranean” has established a promising tourist city in these The region in 2012 , Where she transformed the place into a green paradise with waterfalls in a wonderful resort for recreation.

The best hotels in Amman
Al Bustan Hotel, the most famous hotel in Muscat, is located on its own private beach, distinguished by its artistic architectural masterpiece, especially from the interior, in addition to its private beach and magnificent views, and offers a range of food and beverages that satisfy all tastes, starting at $ 200 per night.
Al Bustan Hotel
Six Senses Zighy Bay is a luxurious resort in the Musandam Peninsula, characterized by its calmness and seclusion and its charming extended beaches that give the visitor a sense of spirituality and away from the hustle and bustle. The room rate is $ 100.
six senses zighy bay
Al-Naseem Hotel in Muttrah is the best hotel chain in Muttrah Corniche, and is located in excellent proximity to Muttrah Souq, the rooms have a wonderful view of the port, and it is characterized by excellent service and competitive prices, the room price starts at $ 55.
Crowne Plaza Resort Dhofar is an old fashioned but attractive resort that includes a number of restaurants and cafes. It also contains a diving center inside the hotel, and joins many water sports according to the desire of guests. The room rate starts at $ 130.
Crowne Plaza Resort Dhofar
Ibra Motel is a simple hotel in Tire. It provides comfortable accommodation and the rooms are spacious and bright, and its prices are cheap compared to the service and location. There are no hotel restaurants but surrounded by a number of cafes and cafeterias. The room price starts at 40 $.

Restaurants we recommend
In Muscat: We advise you to visit the “Beach” restaurant located in the “Chedi Hotel” in Muscat, which is one of the unforgettable romantic places, as it gives you the opportunity to eat outdoors and with a breathtaking view of the sea, which is open for dinner only, except for lunch on Friday, The restaurant specializes in serving seafood served with clams and caviar.
We also recommend the “Shiraz” restaurant in the Crowne Plaza Muscat, this restaurant offers the most famous Iranian food, offering a variety of dishes such as Iranian kebab and biryani, in addition to exotic dishes of salmon and saffron, chicken with orange flavor, and chicken with blackberry, Duck, pomegranate, tamarind and shrimp dishes, delicious exotic flavors are worth a try.
Beach restaurant

In Muttrah: We advise you to visit the “Al Boom” restaurant, the most important restaurant in Muttrah to serve fish, it has a wonderful view of Muttrah, and also offers simple and inexpensive oriental dishes (for example a varied seafood platter at a price of $ 4), and the restaurant is located on the top floor of the Marina Hotel, You can book a table by phone.
In Nizwa: We recommend the “Al-Fanar” restaurant located in the Falaj Daris Hotel, Nizwa, which is the best restaurant in Nizwa, allowing dining inside or outside on the balcony overlooking the pool, and offers a range of international cuisine, including Shami, Indian and Chinese dishes, In addition to Omani dishes such as the “kabsa”, it may be served on some days only “buffet”.
Al-Fanar Restaurant Nizwa

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