Japan is the country of the sun as it is called, and it is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Japan in the east of the Korean island.

Its capital is Tokyo, and the official language is Japanese, while the most popular religion is Buddhism. Japan has succeeded in recovering from its disasters, to become at the forefront of the developed technological and scientific countries. In our article, we will learn about the most important and most beautiful tourist places in this ancient country.

The most beautiful thing in Japan

Tokyo, the capital

The capital of this country is one of the most worthy places to truly visit, as you will find many advanced civilized landmarks, so this city is distinguished by its unique skyscrapers, its hanging bridges, its many trains and easy transportation, it also contains many tourist resorts that receive huge numbers of tourists. Annually, as a Disneyland resort.

A visitor to the city of Tokyo must see the “Tokyo Tower”, which is the Eiffel of Japan because it was also influenced by its design, and what distinguishes this tower whose colors change according to the speed of the winds and seasons, in winter and spring the color of the tower becomes orange, while it is white in the summer And autumn.

Disneyland reflects a bright image of the American Disneyland, and it is visited annually by at least thirteen million tourists. There is also the huge Tokyo Dome Sports Stadium, which includes large halls for football, basketball, baseball, and other sports, and holds many world-famous celebrations.

Osaka city

The city of Osaka is the beating heart of the state, located in the west of the country, and it is known as the region of industrial power, and one of the most important cultural attractions is the Osaka Castle, which was built after the Second World War to be a historical museum that chronicles the civilization of Japan and its Iraq.

This city is also famous for the Datomori neighborhood, where there are a lot of shopping centers, international restaurants, and bars, and there is also a museum of aquatic animals that whale is raised, which is one of the most important landmarks of Japan that tourists visit despite the high cost of entry to it, where it reaches To approximately two thousand yen per person.

The city of Yokohama

The city of Yokohama is a city located to the southwest of the capital, Tokyo, and it is the second city in terms of population after the capital, and it has the largest port in the country, as this city is famous for its marine towers and ports, as well as the most important tourist feature, which is the Yokohama Bridge, and it also has famous coastal neighborhoods that attract Many tourists to the beauty of nature, cleanliness and the sophisticated services provided by hotels in this region.

This city is also famous for its large zoo, and it also has a “Chinese City”, in which most Chinese live in the country. The tourists in this city see a prominent reflection of Chinese civilization through its restaurants, hotels, and the customs and traditions of its people.

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