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Horses are one of the animals that the person cared about and succeeded in taming and acquiring them since the earliest times. Horses have several breeds, including the more expensive and acceptable acceptable breeds. World horses, and its prizes have reached millions of dollars. Among the most prominent horse racing festivals in the world are the Royal Ascot Festival in Britain, the Melbourne Cup in Australia, the French Victory Arcade, the American Braiders Cup and the Dubai World Cup. This is a global Djanet has to be systemic fields hosted by horses, and that the United Arab Emirates to create the largest field of race horses in the world, one of the world’s most important races.

Dubai International Horse Race

This field was established on the twenty-seventh of March 2010 AD, and it came as an alternative to replace the Nad Al Sheba race track, which received fourteen seasons from the opening of this huge track, and the idea of ​​its establishment came due to the competition of the Dubai World Cup for other races in the world, and this track was prepared The world is to receive a hundred and fourteen horses from the strong global horses, and the racetracks expand to seventy thousand spectators, and this track is considered an integrated field, and inside the track created two tracks for the race, the first left-handed track and made of grass and extends to 2400 meters, and the second track of synthetic dirt printing extends To the In seven hundred and fifty meters, one of the five-star hotels was established in it, which is the Meridian Hotel and includes two hundred and eighty-five rooms, and among its facilities also includes a golf course on an area of ​​seven and a half million square meters, and also equipped with rooms equipped to receive exhibitions, conferences and businessmen .

We recall that the track extends over an area of ​​six hundred and twenty hectares, i.e. an area of ​​sixty-seven million square feet, and a total area of ​​the city of Dubai estimated at one thousand nine hundred hectares, i.e. on an area of ​​two hundred million square feet, and the area is divided into four areas, including the horizons square and the Metropolis Square and the field of Godolphin Gardens Finally, the field track, and among the facilities equipped to host the global race, there is a museum for horses and restaurants and seventy-two corporate pavilions to entertain throughout the year, summer and winter.

We recall that the track is equipped to receive all stages of the global race over the course of nine runs, and the highlight of the ninth and final in which the strongest nine horses of the world compete to win the big ninth inning prize, as the total number of prizes for the Dubai World Horse Racing in its twentieth season was thirty million dollars. American.

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