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Traveling to Japan is one of the adventures that any person has to take in his life, and it is an excellent opportunity for young people who want to achieve an impressive future, but there is not a lot of information about Visa Japan, nor about how to extract it to the Egyptians, and how much travel is made from Egypt to Japan a lot of important information about Travel we explain to you in addition to the Japanese labor market, and how to prove yourself in it.

Traveling to Japan from Egypt:

Many Egyptians dream of achieving the dream of traveling to Japan, as it is considered by many to be a dream due to the economic recovery that Japan is blessed with, and the abundance of work opportunities. It is one of the largest economic countries around the world. We must point out that Egyptians obtaining a Japanese visa is difficult, but it is absolutely impossible, and most of the requirements that You need the visa, you will find it already available to you, and whether you want to obtain it for tourism or business, Japan is from the cultured countries with a long history, and one of the most loving countries of civilization, organization, art, and technology. It will definitely be an unparalleled experience, as there is no country in the world that is close to Japan in anything!

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Residence cases in Japan:

The length of stay permitted in Japan varies depending on the type of visa, the duration of the study, it can be four years, three months, four years, three years, three months, three months, two years, three months or a year, three months, a year, six months, or 3 months. You can stay in Japan as long as you are a student, whether from the institute or the school where you study.

Japan Visa price:

  • As for the fee for issuing a Japanese visa from Egypt, it is 230 pounds to enter Japan once, and 460 pounds if you want to enter Japan several times.
  • It usually takes four days for a Japanese visa to be obtained, and in rare cases the waiting period is more than 4 days.
  • Japan visa allows staying in the country for a period of 3 months, whether your purpose is work or tourism or see a friend or relative

Is Japan visa necessary for the Egyptians?

Yes, and the country of Japan does not issue an electronic visa, and it can be obtained through the Japanese embassy in Cairo. If you are outside Egypt, request it from the Japanese embassy in the country in which you live.

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How to extract Japan visa for Egyptians?

You can extract the visa from tourism houses, such as the Arab House for Tourism, which is located at 3 Mohamed Pasha Shokry Street near the Police Hospital, and it is located in Shaheen Square in the Agouza area of ​​the capital, Cairo.

Japan visa can be obtained directly from the embassy in Cairo.

  • Address of the embassy: 81, first floor, Corniche El Nil Street, Maadi area, Cairo.
  • Telephone of the Japanese embassy: 0225285910.
  • Japanese visa application times: from 9 in the morning until 12:00 in the afternoon, during official working days, and the embassy does not operate on various public holidays.

The papers required to obtain a Japanese visa:

  • Passport valid for at least six months to come.
  • A form of Japan visa application form after filling it, printing it, and signing it.
  • Two personal photos with white background.
  • Book a person for a hotel in Japan.
  • The person has booked airline tickets for Japan, “it is preferable not to confirm the reservation until after you obtain the visa.”
  • Statement of a person’s financial condition.
  • A letter from the employer.
  • Fill out a table showing your tourist plan in Japan.
  • One of the methods of showing the financial situation is a bank account statement that shows the transactions that took place in the past months, and it is often enough for the last 3 months.

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    Working in Japan:

    It is one of the best countries that attract those who want to find work, improve themselves, and their skillful capabilities as the country suffers from a shortage of manpower, and its need for workers increases every day from the previous, due to the small population, the large number of retirees, and at the same time it has a huge economy To be very safe, it attracts workers and people from all over the world.

    Working in Japan for the Egyptians:

    You should not drift around jobs that are online in Japan, as many jobs may be filled before you travel, and it is best to coordinate with a company that needs your skills.
    You will need to search for work online, but unfortunately you cannot work in Japan under the tourist travel visa. Japan has strict laws stating that it only gives work visa to those with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and one of the steps to obtain work is to start studying in Japan where you can work Legally 28 hours per week.
    You can start training in a Japanese company, which will open the way for you to participate in the job market later. One-year training at the company often costs $ 4,000, which is cheaper than studying in Japan.

    What can you do in Japan?

    There are many businesses that may suit you, including:

    • Teaching English: Even if English is not your first language, you can start teaching it to those who need as long as you have a good language, be able to speak, and pronounce letters correctly.
    • Programming: Of course, Japan is one of the largest countries interested in technology, computers, and various technologies.
    • Working in an office: If you speak Japanese, it is easy to find a job like this.
    • Dishwashing: Many non-Japanese work in restaurants and cafes in dishwashing, whether you are studying, or other legal images.
    • You have to be creative: always try to develop your skills, and if you have a separate good or business that you want to start with then try to develop your marketing skill and your network of knowledge so you can attract customers and earn more money.
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