Whether you are looking for a suitable place to spend a pleasant vacation with friends and family or you need to go to new and distinctive tourist places, we will offer you today a wonderful trip and an ideal place to stay and enjoy visiting the most beautiful tourist places in the famous Chisinau that contains a distinct group of attractive places with landscapes And the magical attractions that attract tourists from all over the world.

The most beautiful tourist place in Chişinوu – Moldova

Army Museum

This museum is one of the ancient historical museums that express the beauty of culture and military history, as it tells you stories of terrorism, forced starvation and mass deportation, and you will find videos, magazines, newspapers, and pictures that tell you about the stories of history and the horrific crimes that have been committed throughout the ages. A room that includes uniforms for soldiers, posters, some cartoons and documentary videos. The Army Museum also displays stories of previous military campaigns in Moldova, and in the museum’s outer garden you will find a small outdoor military exhibition displaying Soviet-made tanks and For fighter jets and other military games inherited from the armed forces in Moldova.

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Christ Cathedral

One of the most prominent monuments in Kichenau is the Cathedral of Christ, which is the main Moldovan church in the city, and which dates back to the thirties of the twentieth century, and feature distinctive interior murals alongside the presence of the bell tower, which was built in 1836 but was destroyed after World War II and was restored Built in 1997, it is a tourist and historical attraction that reflects the greatness of religious history.

National Museum

The National Museum is one of the wonderful museums that are devoted to natural history and it contains a large group of mammals that lived in ancient times 5 million years ago. These mammals were discovered in the Rizin region in 1966, and the museum depicts different customs and traditions throughout the ages as well as the national dress And other exhibits belonging to various sciences, such as geology, plant and animal science, which includes large, distorted and exotic animals, and large displays are available in the National Museum that displays to visitors the contents of the museum in a distinctive way.

National Art Museum

The National Art Museum has been renovated and made many reforms, highlighting its lost beauty, and it contains an interesting collection of contemporary European artifacts and paintings, and it reflects contemporary European art, most of which are Romenian and Moldovan, and artifacts, graphics, symbols, folklore and other objects that return To the Middle Ages, they are attractive art galleries that attract the admiration of tourists and focus on local art.

Pushkin Museum

The Russian national poet Alexander Pushkin spent three years in exile in this place from 1820 until 1823, there you will find his little cottage filled with original furnishings and personal belongings, there are also pictures of his beloved Byron on his private desk, and there is a three-room literary museum in the building that Facing the hut documenting the life of that great poet, the museum also contains a collection of paintings, books, and classics that express different periods of history.

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Grill House

One of the best restaurants in Chişinوu is the famous Grill House restaurant, which is characterized by the splendor of its décor and elegance, you will find a distinguished team that serves you and all tourists. The restaurant offers delicious steaks that are prepared in the glass kitchen. Creative pasta dishes are also provided along with a set of slices Meat, seafood and fish. There is also a large menu dedicated to cold and hot drinks and a lot of appetizers and desserts.

National Library

The National Library is located in the city of Chisinau and is the main library that contains a large collection of books and references that express the wonderful cultural heritage, it is a European digital library established in 1940, and it is one of the public libraries that many tourists go to visit from time to time to get to know different civilizations And reading books on various topics and social and historical aspects that express the beauty and splendor of cultural heritage, you will find all fields and all what you are looking for from books, references and research written by the most senior and skilled writers.

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