What are the most beautiful tourist places in Bahrain suitable for families and young people? We offer you an integrated tourist program for the most famous and best tourist attractions in Kuwait and the activities that you can enjoy during your visit to Bahrain and to you the most important details on Arab travelers.

The most beautiful tourist places in Bahrain for families:

Bahrain is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations known for the severity of its enjoyment, despite the small size of the city, it contains a lot of tourist attractions, from entertainment places and archaeological sites that tell the story of the ancient past, and you will feel a modern touch in the Bahraini society, which makes it unique.
Here is a list of the most important places you can visit in Bahrain with your family to spend unforgettable times:

Ahmed Al-Fateh Mosque:

  • The Ahmed Al-Fateh Mosque was built in the year 1988 AD, and it is considered one of the largest mosques in Bahrain and around the world, and contains a place sufficient for more than 7 thousand Muslims.
  • The Ahmed Al-Fateh Mosque is built of marble and glass as well as Indian teak wood.
  • As for the huge basic kiss, it is made of fiberglass, which allows water to enter the mosque for ablution.
  • There is a huge library in the mosque that contains more than 7 thousand Islamic books and some of these books belong to more than a hundred years, and contain important information about the history of the Islamic religion, books of the Sunnah of the Prophet in addition to Arabic encyclopedias and encyclopedias of Islamic jurisprudence and the teachings of religion in addition to magazines of Al-Azhar, which makes The mosque and its library are among the most important places that you must visit with your family to learn a lot about the history of the Islamic religion and its most important flags.

Bahrain National Museum:

  • This amazing museum is located in Al Yamama and it was built in the year 1988 AD.
  • As for the main square of the museum, it is located alongside the Arabian Gulf coast and it is the first museum that was established in the country and contains important monuments dating back more than 5 thousand years of rare artifacts and ancient relics. The Bahrain National Museum also contains manuscripts of the Noble Qur’an in addition to notes and books specialized in astronomy .
  • In the museum you will also find ancient documents in addition to historical letters throughout the ages. It contains samples of animals and plants found in Bahrain, in addition to many wonderful paintings and a lot of valuable things.
  • The museum has been designed by the KHR Architect Company and is one of the largest Danish architecture and engineering companies, which makes it a tourist attraction in Bahrain.

Bahrain International Circuit:

  • Bahrain is one of the most important countries that host the matches of the Bahrain Grand Prix in the Formula Racing, and it is part of the Formula One tournaments that follow the International Formula One.
  • The Formula Competition will be held at the Bahrain National Circuit in Sakhir, and it is one of the most important circuits in the world that was opened on March 17, 2004 AD.
  • Numerous car races are organized in the circuit, including drag races in addition to Grand Prix and Super Cars V8 races, Desert 40 races, and many races that you can participate in or watch as they are very enjoyable and come to many families from tourists and the local population, which are races The most amazing which is organized at different periods of the year.

Smoke mountain:

  • There is above the highest hills in the country where the smoke tower rises to 140 meters above sea level, and the reason for its name is the presence of fog that surrounds the mountain from each side for most of the year.
  • The Smoke Tower contains many amazing caves and caves that you will enjoy exploring with your family, but if you are a fan of adventure and excitement, you can participate in the camps and outdoor trips organized in the mountain so that you can know the beauty of the natural desert in Bahrain The stars of the sky and under the light of the poetic moon

Al Areen Nature Reserve:

  • The Al Areen Wildlife Reserve is located in Sakhir, it is located within walking distance of Manama, and it will only take 40 minutes by road to reach it.
  • It is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Bahrain where you will find a park full of dazzling green spaces, and many plants that exceed 12 thousand rare species in addition to more than 400 types of famous animals. Your children will definitely want to take the most beautiful pictures with favorite animals and feed the animals themselves.

Tree of the life :

  • It is one of the most important historical places in Bahrain, it is a creativity of nature and is located at a distance of 2 km from Jabal Al-Dukhan.
  • The tree is one of the ancient natural monuments that exceeds 400 years old, and it sits on top of a sandy hill that reaches a height of 25 feet and is surrounded by the vast desert from everywhere and the tree of life does not reach any source of water, which makes it a scientific miracle, and a matter that calls for reflection on God’s creation

Bahrain Fort:

It is also called the Bahrain Fort, and it is one of the most important historical monuments in the country as it was once the capital of the Dilmun civilizations.
Today, Bahrain Fort belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Presidency, a lot of research has been done, and exploratory tours in addition to the missions that search for the history of the Dilmun civilization, and the remains of it, and for its design it consists of 7 layers and extends for more than ten thousand square meters This makes it one of the most beautiful destinations for families so that your children can learn more about the history of Bahrain.

Thursday Mosque:

One of the oldest mosques in the city and one of the most beautiful destinations to enrich your knowledge of religious heritage, and consists of the mosque in addition to two minarets, each minaret on the side of the mosque. It is completely prepared on limestone and the courtyard of the Thursday Mosque that covers the main hall consists of a flat roof supported by wooden columns, and it is for places to take memorial photos with your family, and the trees surround the background of the mosque from each side

The most popular shopping places in Bahrain:

Bahrain is one of the places where you can buy everything you want, from gifts and clothes. Here are the best shopping centers in Bahrain where you will find everything:

Bahrain World Trade Center:

  • There is in Manama, and you will not only have a successful shopping experience, but the building itself is surprising and contemplative, as the mall suffers from two towers of more than 787 feet.
  • The tower is designed in the form of two sail towers of antique boats in a beautiful classic style with a touch of modernity, and the two towers are connected by hanging bridges. The design of the mall is very impressive and you will be able to take the most beautiful pictures during the shopping tour.
  • You will find many shops with international brands that provide the best materials and clothes that you will not find anywhere and in addition to clothes, shoes and various goods, it provides excellent entertainment services for young children and adults from entertainment places, cinema halls and car parks and is a favorite destination for shopping tourists and local residents.

Bahrain Gate:

  • It is one of the old buildings in the Customs Square, which was opened in the year 1949 AD, but today it is considered one of the most famous markets in Bahrain.
  • Bab Al Bahrain contains many fruit and vegetable shops that are freshly prepared, in addition to handcraft and exquisite handcraft of gold and silver. It also contains shops that sell precious jewelry and gemstones.

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