New guide for the names of the most beautiful places of tourism in Slovakia from travelers’ experiences, what are the most beautiful places to visit during your tour in the country? What are the best shopping malls for a unique buying experience? Here is the most important information for Arab travelers.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Slovakia:

Slovakia is one of the most beautiful places around the world, in which you will see a lot of amazing things to suit your needs, whether you are visiting the country alone, with your friends or with your family, you will find many tourist activities, natural places and dazzling cities, which makes it one of the finest tourist countries that must Put it on your list.
The following are the most important tourist places in Slovakia:

Tatra Mountains:

  • It is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit if you like walking or climbing, as it is one of the most important tourist places in northern Slovakia.
  • The Slovakian mountains are known for their charming green nature to everyone who sees them, where you will feel as if you are part of a painting like no other, and on top of those mountains is the Tatra, which borders the country with Poland.
  • Don’t miss to see the charming greenery that stretches along the mountain paths, and you can take part in the downhill skiing activities that take place at Stary Smokovts Resort.

Ski resorts:

In the case of your visit to the country in the winter, do not miss skiing on the slopes of ice, which are virtually everywhere in Slovakia, and you will find all the equipment you need, whether to buy or rent.
In addition to skiing in popular places in the morning, you can do so in popular areas in the evening.

Explore the Old Town of Bratislava:

Bratislava has a history full of glories and historical events, and it is one of the most important cultural centers in Slovakia, and you will feel the splendor of history everywhere you go in the city, and with every tourist attraction you visit.
You must visit the old town as it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city, and you can go to it and explore all its features in one day, including the Bratislava Castle and St. Michael’s Tower. From alleys.


It is considered one of the most beautiful archaeological cities in the country, and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Buinetsi Castle, which is located on the banks of the Nitra River Valley, the climate is beautiful throughout the year and it is the secret to visiting tourists from everywhere and the place is crowded as many national film festivals and various activities are done In the city every year.

Slovakia Paradise National Park:

It is considered one of the most beautiful places to entertain if you are a fan of charming nature and an idyllic atmosphere. You will find many amazing scenery and one of the most beautiful parks in the park, with its sweet water and its beautiful flow of reflection, in addition to the Dpchinska Ice Cave on high slopes which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Levoca Visit:

It is one of the most beautiful towns in the country, which was established in the twelfth century to be within the eastern side of Slovakia, and it is also among the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage, where you will find many archeological sites that tell the history of Levuka throughout the ages, especially monuments Of the Renaissance spread in Levoca.


It is one of the wonderful cities that you must visit if you are a fan of mountains, adventure and exploration of all that is new, where you will be able to climb mountains, snowboard or tour long distances amid the scenic mountain nature at any time of the year.
The most important thing that distinguishes the city of Poprad is that it contains many antique buildings of stunning colors, dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and tourists visit them in order to learn more about the country’s history, how they have survived throughout history in addition to taking the most beautiful memorial photos.

The most popular places to shop in Slovakia:

It is not possible to pass through Slovakia in order to enjoy a unique tourism experience and miss shopping in this wonderful country, where you will find huge markets, shops with excellent materials and international brands, stationed in a Slovakian capital.


  • It is considered one of the best markets in the middle of the capital, and it is very easy to reach it by crossing the UFO bridge. It takes only 15 minutes on foot to find yourself in Ubark.
  • The mall is very huge as it contains more than 250 shops, distributed on two floors in addition to it contains 25 restaurants and cafes, which provides you with many different options, to suit all tastes.
  • As for entertainment, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the cinema halls in addition to the playground for young children, and your visit will not be to the park to buy clothes and gifts only.


One of the most important markets in Slovakia at all, which is the favorite place for fans of shopping tourism and for the local people in order to buy their different needs. The mall also enjoys a very impressive location, where it is located at the front of the Danube, allowing you to buy your different needs and enjoy a poetic scene in the evening.
Eurovia is not only a place to buy international clothes, or even just to buy house necessities, it is at the same time one of the most luxurious hotels in Slovakia, and you can get off at the hotel if you are a shopping tourism addict and want to visit the mall more than once.


It is located in the center of the capital, and it is considered one of the newest commercial centers recently opened in Slovakia, and that does not diminish from it. On the contrary, it contains 150 international shops, including excellent brands that are not found anywhere else.
Central enjoys a privileged location within walking distance of everything, but access to it by car will be difficult so it is preferable to take public transportation and you will reach it in less than ten minutes.

Avion Shopping Park:

  • In the Opium Park there are approximately one hundred and seventy shops, whatever you are looking for, you will surely find it where many excellent products are offered to suit different tastes.
  • There is also a special playground for skiing in the park, in addition to a recreational area for young children. If you want to leave your children to enjoy these activities while you are shopping, this will be really wonderful, and you will not be concerned with them with the seated children who do their work professionally.
  • Avion Shopping Park is conveniently located within walking distance from the airport, which will take between ten minutes and a quarter of an hour to reach.

As Bacon:

  • This market is very different from the rest of the markets and shopping centers in the capital, because it contains a huge number of international clothing brands, and its prices are excellent when compared to buying them from anywhere else.
  • In Kabikon, you will find many unique fashion that you will not find in any other shopping mall. You will also find many entertainment services between the cinema halls and the entertaining shows that are held, restaurants and cafes.

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