A guide to the best tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh, which is one of the five most beautiful cities in the world, in addition to the magnificence, charm and beauty of its places, as it is one of the global tourist resorts and mashta, because of its tranquility, charm and attractiveness, as the beaches that exist on the shores of the sea emerge.
As well as it is the charming city that exists in South Sinai, specifically on the coast of the Red Sea, as well as it is intended by tourists from all sides in order to lie on its shores while the sun comes with its heat that dye their color to become a bronze that many flock to, so what are the tourist places that exist In Sharm El-Sheikh, Arab travelers monitor these areas for you through this article, follow us.

Tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh

  • It is the city of peace as released by UNESCO in 2005, where calm and beauty.
  • It is characterized by weather that tends to heat throughout the year, which gives it the uniqueness in spending some of its annual seasons.

The best areas in Sharm El Sheikh for youth

In the following lines, we present to you the most famous and important areas that are a landmark in Sharm El Sheikh, and which are:


  • This is the magical region that its name refers to the German ship that sank under the sea, as many tourists go to it to dive and enjoy those unparalleled views that exist under the sea, in addition to the emergence of an upper part of the ship and part below at a depth of about 24 meter.
  • Dear reader, you can also visit the coral reefs by making diving trips or sea trips, as you can see the amazing view and enjoy it while you are above the sea level, or while you are swimming in the depths.
  • Many people mention that this ship retains most of its contents of tools, as it dates back to 1941 in the Second World War.
  • It is a German ship that sank in that region, including an upper part and a lower part of the sea at a depth of about 24 meters. The ship still retains most of its contents from the tools of the sailors and the like.
  • If you are a diving enthusiast, watching the enchanting coral reefs and enjoying a cruise or a diving trip in which you see the ship sinking do not exceed visiting this place during tourism in Sharm El Sheikh.

Aqua park

  • This charming water city has many water games that bring joy and pleasure to the spectators, so we recommend you to visit it.

One Thousand and One Nights

  • This happy city or park is dominated by the fun nature, as it has Ali Baba Hall, sound and light shows, in addition to the Bedouin-style dances.

Ras Muhammad

  • It is a nature reserve that extends between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Suez Canal, as well as many colorful fish and turtles.
  • We also see the strange water caves, which formed under the water, as a result of earthquakes that occurred since ancient times.
  • The Ras Mohamed Reserve is a protected reserve that is home to many birds, in addition to its reptiles and insects.

Ne’ema bay

  • One of the most famous areas that tourists come to because of its different commercial areas.
  • Naama Bay also has a walkway located on the side of cafes and restaurants, in addition to the availability of scooters that reduce effort and hardship.

The popular market

  • This popular market that most tourists go to when visiting Sharm El Sheikh is famous for its Pharaonic civilization and wonderful memorial statues favored by many.
  • The popular market also enjoys affordable prices compared to other markets that sell the same souvenirs.

Safari trip

  • The desert safari trip is one of the most beautiful and beautiful experiences that visitors go through to Sharm El Sheikh, because of its distinctive character dominated by a feeling of nomadism.
  • We find that this trip includes riding motorcycles, in addition to the night nights in which the Bedouins roast on fire and special parties.

Dear reader, we have introduced you to the most famous tourist areas in Sharm El Sheikh, which once you step into these areas feel like you are on the paradise of God that is on earth.

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