The travel experience to South Korea is one of the very interesting and exciting tourist experiences, as you will find many scenic and very charming tourist places, especially in the Seoul region, which needs about 10 full days in order to finish watching the tourist and entertainment places in it, and you can Regain your health and energy while enjoying healthy and beautiful Korean food. You can also do yoga and enjoy relaxation after a long period of work stress.

The most famous tourist place in South Korea:

1- Visit Lot World Theme Park:

The first thing that you should visit when you arrive in South Korea is the Lot World amusement park, which is one of the largest and most beautiful international clubs, and you can enjoy a very exciting experience with Magic Island, which is the largest artificial island in the world and includes more than 17 really exciting games, including the free fall game .
After that you can visit the largest hanging clubs in the world and enjoy the games in them. You can also enjoy a number of festivals and celebrations that take place every evening and you will see celebrations from all countries of the world, and if you are a lover of history you must try the game of Pharaoh’s Fury which allows You get back to the Pharaonic history and learn everything about the Pharaohs, then at the end of the day you can visit the Magic Theater in order to see the strongest magic world shows. More than 700 different magic games were presented on this stage.

2- Visiting Seoul Big Park:

You can visit the Big Seoul Park, which is the oldest and first zoo that was opened in South Korea in more than 120 years, and the park contains a lot of very distinctive wild animals, and the park is the best place for families to go out as it has a wild zoo for children There are a number of pets that children can play with and enjoy.

3- Visiting the National Museum of Modern Art:

But if you are a fan of history and art, you should visit the National Museum of Modern Art, in which a large number of artwork is displayed for all Korean and international artists, whether ancient or contemporary, and within the museum there is a permanent exhibition that you can visit at all time in addition to a temporary exhibition held every Three months for only three days, and the museum has a special department for science and technology for science lovers.

4- Chan Guduk Palace:

The palace is one of the most famous tourist attractions in South Korea. The palace is one of the five historical palaces in North Korea, but it is the most famous. You can start by visiting the Doanhuamen Gate, which is the main gate to the palace. It is mentioned that this palace was under the control of Japan during its occuAl Bahahn of South Korea.
After that, you can visit the inner palace halls, which number 4 large halls. The palace halls are characterized by spaciousness, dazzling colors and unique designs that deserve to stand in front of them and learn from them, and how to make delightful decorations for the eye and comfortable for the soul.
Then do not forget to see the Won Garden attached to the palace, which was dedicated to the king and his family only, and this garden is a natural masterpiece as it includes more than 100 types of trees that go back hundreds of years and you will only find them in Korea, and the garden overlooks the lotus pond.

5- The separation zone between the two Koreas:

You can go to the separation zone between the two Koreas, which is really an opportunity to reach the borders between the two countries. The first thing that you have to do is to eat food there, as you can combine food in the manner of the people of South Korea with North in a mixture you will not find once Other, after this you can visit the military area between South and North Korea, then at the end of the day you should make a river tour of the Han River through which you can see all the tourist places in South Korea, then after that you have to rest so we will By guiding you about the best hotel where you can rest from Today

6- Four Seasons Hotel Seoul:

This hotel is one of the best and most wonderful hotels in North Korea through which you can go to the city center by walking for a few minutes, and this hotel is close to the Royal Palace and Sejong Arts Center, and the services provided by the hotel are excellent and really worthy of you.
If you want to sit in a hotel close to shopping sites, you should go to the Grand Myeongdong Hotel, which is a few minutes away from the metro station, and about 5 minutes’ walk from Nami Dimon Market, which is the largest and most famous market in South Korea.

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