We offer you through this article the most important tourist attractions and monuments that can be visited in the city of Samsun, which is one of the most important cities of tourist attractions in Turkey, where the city of Samsun is distinguished by its distinctive weather in addition to its attractive location, and the city of Samsun includes many picturesque natural places that attract Many tourists to it, whether from inside or outside Turkey.

The most famous places of tourism in Samsun Turkey:

The Turkish city of Samsun is one of the cities that have its own charm and charm, because it contains a lot of natural places and there are a lot of scenic and picturesque, and if you intend to visit Turkey, it is certainly necessary to visit the city of Samsun and enjoy visiting many tourist places and landmarks Which is located in the city of Samsun, the most important of which are the following:

First: Tikkoy Caves:

The Tikkoy Caves is one of the most important ancient tourist places that exist in Turkey, specifically in the city of Samsun, where these caves contain many ancient monuments that narrate the ancient history of the city of Samsun, where these caves are one of the most important tourist attractions in the city, and that is from In order to enjoy many of the views found in the cave area.
The cave area includes many ancient monuments and some tools dating back to the primitive and prehistoric times, and this is what was discovered in those caves, which were used by the ancient man as his home, but today it has become one of the monuments of the ancient city, also the region also includes some Ancient statues belonging to many different antiquity, and there is also a small museum in the region that includes many ancient atmospheres that were used in those times, including weapons and jewelry as well.

Second: Bird Paradise:

Bird Paradise is one of the most beautiful tourist places that exist in the city of Samsun, and the most important thing that distinguishes this place is its large area, which is estimated at more than fifty-six hectares, and the Birds Paradise directly overlooks the Black Sea, and this made this place includes more than three hundred and six Ten different species of birds, and among these many birds there are also some endangered species, of which more than fifteen are among them.
The region also includes a large group of bridges, which are erected over lakes, making the place an artistic painting that includes birds and green landscapes in addition to the trees and small lakes that embrace waterfowl.

Third: The Samsun Cable Car:

The Samsun cable car is one of the entertainment facilities that exist in the city of Samsun, as it is one of the best and most beautiful trips in the city and it is a great source of attraction for visitors from all over the world, and the most important characteristic of this cable car trip is that it is a long journey at a high altitude where the length of the trip To more than three hundred and twenty meters, the cable car in Samsun includes more than sixty vehicles that can accommodate approximately more than six people, and the experience of riding a cable car is an exciting experience that must be tried while you are in Samsun.

Fourth: The Zoo:

The zoo is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Samsun, where the zoo includes a large group of wild animals, including some endangered animals, and therefore the zoo in Samsun is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city and visitors come to enjoy With that beautiful landscape.
The park also includes some lakes in addition to containing a large group of different and rare birds that can only be seen in the zoo, and not only that, but the park also includes some huge statues that add an aesthetic and magical view of the garden, in addition to the garden contains a camel and some cages For ostriches and some rare dogs.

Fifth: East Garden:

The East Garden is one of the best tourist places to visit in Samsun, as this park includes all the entertainment and enjoyment, and this garden is dedicated to lovers of stunning landscapes, because it contains plants, trees and picturesque green spaces that capture the eyes and hearts.
The Orient Park also includes other entertainment facilities that contain a set of stadiums, including the stadium intended for football lovers, who can play this sport in the stadium, in addition to the park also contains basketball courts, and many other favorite sports for many visitors .
And not only that, but you can have a good time by sitting in one of the restaurants in the garden that have many delicious Turkish foods and providing a distinctive view of the city, in addition to some cafes in the garden and children’s games, it is really a suitable place for families.

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