A guide to the most famous tourist places in Lorania, Sri Lanka. It is advisable to visit it from the experiences of travelers. The city of Nuralia, that city is the administrative capital of the Nuwara Eliya region, this city is located at the top of a mountain peak where it rises above the sea by a distance of two thousand feet, and Nuralia is located in the heart of the country, as it is far from Colombo is a distance of about 180 km, and they call it the Lesser England. One of the most distinguishing features of this region is its coldness and presence, with temperatures ranging between 8-12 degrees during the night, while temperatures during the day range from 16-22 degrees, and clouds cover this sky The city most days of the year.

Noralia Nature:

The city of Nuralia is unique in its rich nature, as it is called the city of light, and it comes first in Sri Lanka in terms of producing Sri Lankan tea, and this city is famous for growing tea and growing fruits, and the reason for the spread of greenery in the city is due to the availability of water in it, besides it is rich in the presence of many waterfalls Ramboda we will get to know her in detail on Arab travelers.
The history of this city dates back to the 19th century at the hands of the British Samwi Baker, so most of the buildings there are in the old classic British style, such as the Hill Club and the Queen’s Cottage and many other buildings, and the reasons for the emergence of the British character in most homes and heritage areas in the city is that this city It was favored by the British at this time.
Noralia is one of the tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, thanks to its mild weather most days of the year and its picturesque nature and its embrace of a small lake located in the middle of it where many water games like Jet Ski can be practiced as well as organizing short trips by boat, and this city is considered one of the most cities Tourist that attracts a lot of visitors every year, and there are many restaurants of various nationalities such as Chinese, Arab, Gulf and Indian, and water sports that can be practiced there, such as water skiing, diving and water adventures contributed to attracting many to visit.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Lorania Sri Lanka:

  • Lake Gregory Noralia:

It is a large lake located in the city center, and was established during the reign of Sir William Gregory in 1873 for the city of Lorania, and Lake Gregory and the area surrounding it is known as Lake Gregory Park, this park attracts thousands of tourists every year, as it enjoys its remarkable biological diversity And live in the park hundreds of species of wild birds, this lake witnesses great congestion in the month of April, as this month is the tourist season for the lake, there can be fun times of relaxation and calm, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Waterfalls Leap:

Or as it is known as the Lover’s Leap, and it is considered one of the most famous waterfalls in Noralya, about 2 km away from the city center, this waterfall is groups of quiet currents falling from the top of the mountain, and the Lover’s Leap waterfall is a distance of 90 meters, where the top can be reached through a side stairway Long, the waterfall lovers visit thousands of foreign tourists and many locals.

  • Hakgala Botanical Garden:

It is considered the second largest botanical garden in Sri Lanka at all, it is a natural reserve for plants, which includes enormous and diverse numbers of plants, and has an important place in the same Sri Lankans, as it affected the culture of this people for decades, due to its commercial, cultural and civilizational importance. It also contains a number of attractions, where thousands of visitors are accepted to visit in the spring season in order to see thousands of colorful flowers, and the garden contains a number of greenhouses where many types of crops are grown throughout the seasons of the year, and the city also contains a number of attractions Such as arboretum and p Yerneri, the central pond, and the rock garden. There are also paths for jogging and walking inside the park. These paths are paved between the flower beds and the lake. The park is surrounded by a large lake characterized by its magnificent, breathtaking view of the core.

  • Horton Plains Park:

This national park in Noralia is considered one of the most famous national parks located in the east of Colombo city, this park is a highland area located in the middle of Sri Lanka, one of the most distinctive features is the charm of its natural scenery and picturesque atmosphere, and is characterized by its vast pastures that extend between the mountains, as it is also distinguished as There are many dense trees that grow in the garden naturally, due to the wonderful diversity between wild animals and plants due to the presence of many sources of the three largest rivers in Sri Lanka, as well as penetrated by water tables, amazing waterfalls, cold ponds and swamps and h gather And it has a lot of colorful birds, to look like a painting.

  • Victoria Park:

It is a very beautiful public park with an area of ​​11 hectares, which is considered one of the active tourist areas because it is visited by huge numbers of foreign visitors and the local population, especially in the festive seasons, so you can enjoy seeing the beautiful landscapes and the possibility of breathing fresh fresh air, and the ability to lie under the shady huge trees. It is considered one of the most suitable places that is suitable for lovers of movement and sports, as it is possible to practice many sports in the open air, such as running and walking until long distances around the banks of the river in the paths that were prepared for this purpose specifically, or participating in races.

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