The city of Athens located in Greece is one of the cities that contain many natural places and monuments that are unparalleled and the city of Athens is the capital of Greece and the most important global tourist destinations that attract many tourists to visit every year, so that you can understand the Greek culture and taste its charming beauty, you must To visit the capital, Athens first.

Tourism in Greece Athens:

There are a lot of wonderful tourist places that you should visit when you go to Athens and one of the most important hotels in them that provide you with the best services we will mention to you in this article on the Arab Arab travelers website.

Best hotels in Athens Greece:

  • Grand Hotel Britain.
  • Greek Hotel Palace Athens.
  • New Hotel.
  • Athenaswas Hotel.
  • Amalia Hotel.
  • Athena Gate Hotel.
  • Hera Hotel.
  • Mino Hotel Athens.
  • Best Western Hotel by Thajurion.
  • Katrina Hotel.

There are also many of the most famous monuments in Greece, Athens:

First: Acropolis of Athens:

One of the best sights in Athens that you must visit when going to Greece is the Acropolis landmark.

Second: Plaka of Athens:

The Plaka Athens is a historical neighborhood, and it is one of the oldest and most famous places and attractions in Athens, which many tourists go to enjoy their time there.

Third: The Acropolis Museum:

The new Acropolis Museum was built around the year 2007 AD and is considered one of the most prominent and important monuments in Greece.

Fourth: The National Archaeological Museum:

This ancient museum contains many and many important artifacts, as well as some royal tombs and stately pottery, because it is one of the most important museums in Greece, which we advise you to visit if the opportunity comes to you.

Fifthly: Tel Al-Kaftios:

The height of the summit of this famous hill is about 300 meters, and it is one of the most famous and best landmarks that you can enjoy visiting and see Athena on top, and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere.

Sixth: The Olympic Temple of Zeus

The Olympic Temple of Zeus is one of the largest ancient temples in Athens that many go to.

Seventh: Athens National Park:

The area of ​​the National Park in Athens extends for about 15.5 hectares of the best green areas that everyone can enjoy hiking.

Eighth: Syntagma Square:

This field is one of the places where there is a lot of heavy and continuous crowding because of the local residents and tourists going to see it and it is one of the attractions that attract tourists to visit.
In the end, we wish you a successful visit and enjoy your time.

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