The most beautiful tourist places in Umm Al Quwain

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Guide to the most beautiful tourist places in Umm Al Quwain From travelers experiences, it is recommended to visit it, the most important and most beautiful tourist areas in Umm Al Quwain from the Umm Al Quwain Corniche and its famous islands, and recreational places where the pleasure and joy and all that the tourist desires for an unforgettable vacation on the site of Arab travelers.

The most famous tourist places in Umm Al Quwain:

Umm Al Quwain is one of the most important and active emirates and cities that follow the United Arab Emirates, and it is located in the distance between Ras Al Khaimah and Ajman, and extends on the coast of the western country. It is one of the smallest Emirates in terms of area, with an area of ​​800 square kilometers. It is also located within the commercial road linking Asia and India.
Umm Al Quwain city was built and built in the year 1775 AD as it is one of the most important cities that exist in the Emirates and the most prosperous in terms of tourism and economy. The following are the most important tourist places in Umm Al Quwain, and the most beautiful of all.

Al-Sinaiyah Island in Umm Al-Quwain:

It is one of the most beautiful islands that exist in the United Arab Emirates, and it is located near the open sea and many recreational activities are organized that make tourists from everywhere accept their visit.
You can wander around the island of Al-Sinaiyah in Umm Al-Quwain to learn more information about this impressive place and its ancient history. You can also participate in marine activities and take a tour of the small lake through the numerous boats that are there.
This lake and others are separated by a group of dazzling streams of water. There is also a place in the mangrove forests where there are a lot of dense interlocking trees. Of course, repeat your visit to him.

Umm Al Quwain Corniche:

  • It is a promenade overlooking a beach that has been established and taken care of in order to develop marine activities such as underwater diving, swimming, surfing and water boarding, and certainly taking a picnic will be impressive in the desert lands in order to learn more about the creatures that live in the place.
  • You can also walk in order to explore the types of birds that are found in Umm Al Quwain Corniche and the completely harmless wild animals in addition to the marine organisms in their natural environment in a very impressive way that attracts the attention and contemplation of the theory.

Umm Al Quwain Marine Club:

  • It is one of the most important leisure and recreational clubs for family tourism in the city.
  • Most surprising of all is the fact that the club is strolled across the water, as it is located on top of a large boat that allows you to have a unique marine cruise under the blue sky in the open air.
  • You can also do many marine activities and recreational activities such as rowing, water skiing and other activities that suit all ages. There are also many small rooms in the club, where each room has a bunk bed in addition to windows overlooking the water directly.
  • It will be an impressive classic dining experience served at the club, as well as cafes for various drinks. It is the best place to take a quiet and relaxing holiday in the charming nature of your loved ones.

Happy Land in Umm Al Quwain:

One of the most beautiful entertainment places in Umm Al Quwain for young children.
Your children will be able to play their favorite video games and other games that children love like football, basketball, dolls, and other amazing games that will bring a lot of pleasure and joy to their hearts.
Also, in Happy Land, there are many restaurants that prepare the best dishes to eat with your family in an atmosphere full of love, elegance and beauty. Your children will want to stay in this place for many hours without all or boredom.

Dow Building:

It is one of the antique palaces in the city that reveal their proficiency in design, engineering and architecture. Around the building there are many stone houses in addition to the strong castles that have a history dating back thousands of years.
There are also a lot of archaeological sculptures and artifacts carved by excellent artists and craftsmen. Today, it is one of the most important monuments that tourists visit everywhere in the city.

Umm Al Quwain Museum:

It is the most suitable destination for fans of history and antique stories as the museum dates back to the year 1768 AD, and it includes many ancient artifacts and antique excavations that have been found in the region.
You will enjoy wandering around Umm Al Quwain Museum and learning more about the history of the region and its various attractions, where you can visit the museum from five o’clock and it closes at eight in the evening.

Sheikh Zayed Park:

  • It is one of the most famous places in the city, which has a large audience by the local residents and tourists, as it has all the dreams of advanced technologies, dazzling natural spaces, dense trees and flowers of various colors.
  • In the park there are a lot of games that suit adults and children, and they are different in size to suit everyone.
  • There are also places to play various sports such as football, basketball and other games that will add a lot of fun and enjoyment to your trip.
  • If you feel hungry, you will find a cafeteria serving delicious food, as well as places to sit and barbecue parties. There is a fine restaurant with private parking in Sheikh Zayed Park.
  • As for the title of the park, it is located in the city of Umm Al Quwain, specifically in the Al-Hamra area. It will definitely be a memorable family trip.

Fence Garden:

  • One of the most beautiful gardens in the city, which has a special status in the hearts of tourists and locals thanks to the intensity of its beauty and the diversity of flowers and trees in it. You will feel yourself inside a dazzling artwork of the intensity of the diversity of flowers and roses in terms of colors and shapes. Green spaces will also increase the purity of your mind, your sense of joy and calm your nerves.
  • The garden is one of the places that enjoy great care, coordination and permanent development in order to materialize the idea that nature has no limits to its beauty and no end to its love. You definitely cannot visit Umm Al Quwain without going through this magical place.
  • As for the location of the garden of the fence, it overlooks the Yawara tower, and is located specifically in Khor al-Baydah, near the infallible tower, which is located in the middle of the fence. Close to the Al-Lazmeh Mansour Tower, which is located directly on the famous Arabian Gulf.




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