The most beautiful tourist program in Innsbruck Austria

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Are you looking for a tourist program in Innsbruck then you will find in this article what you want, Innsbruck is one of the cities that is located in the state of Austria, characterized by the charming nature of nature, and combines modernity and Iraq, including a large number of historical tourist attractions that you can visit, also Innsbruck is famous for the wonderful shopping atmosphere There, as well as the mountain peaks that are adorned with white snow and you can see them from the city streets, and what distinguishes them most is that they are among the quiet cities that give comfort to the souls.
In spite of all this, the city of Innsbruck is not a popular destination for tourists, especially Arabs, although it is an ideal place for tourism, but the eyes are always directed to major cities in Austria such as Vienna, then go to Germany to complete their tourism program because it is located in close proximity to Austria, it is an opportunity Ideal for visiting two European countries in one trip.
Today Arab site tells you why you should choose the city of Innsbruck as a tourist destination in Austria, in the following lines you will find everything you want to know about the most famous tourist attractions that you can visit there.

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Tourist program in Innsbruck

There are many sights to visit in Innsbruck, so you can choose from what suits your taste:

Maria Theresa Square and Street

  • One of the most famous streets in Innsbruck, which is visited by tourists.
  • It is distinguished by its combination of modernity of the present and the past history. It is therefore a favorite place for everyone.
  • It includes a large collection of historical monuments and monuments.
  • It also features the best cafes and restaurants that offer the finest food and drink.
  • It is an ideal place for hiking around.

Golden roof building

  • One of the most famous tourist attractions in Innsbruck.
  • The reason for its name is that its entire surface is covered with copper tiles.
  • Although more than 500 years have passed since its construction, it still captivates tourists with its distinctive architectural design.
  • The building includes a number of distinctive paintings that you can know its history from the guides spread throughout the building.
  • You can head to a quiet session on the banks of the Inn River, which is less than 10 minutes’ walk from the property.
  • The building is also adjacent to many other historic buildings that you can visit as well.

Ambras Castle

  • One of the most visited sights of Innsbruck, it is located above its hills.
  • It rises above the sea by an estimated distance of more than 550 m.
  • The interior of the castle is divided into several sections and halls. There is a section for the Duke’s Gallery of Art, a section for ammunition and weapons, a section for the wonders of the world, and a section for antiquities.
  • The Citadel Library contains a large number of books and books of rare existence.
  • There are many art evenings at the castle that you might want to attend one of.
  • The castle also contains a huge number of paintings and valuable artifacts.
  • You may want to climb to the top of the castle, allowing you to see the entire city of Innsbruck from above the hill.

Hofkirch Church

  • The oldest tourist attraction in Innsbruck was founded in 1553 AD.
  • The church includes three floors, characterized by its architectural style.
  • As you stroll around the church, you will be amazed by the artifacts and interior design, and the impressive carvings that decorate the walls.
  • You can visit the Church Museum, which includes a number of artifacts and ancient artifacts, such as the first camera made in the world.
  • The church has a wonderful garden that includes various types of flowers and trees.
  • It is also surrounded by a number of cafes and restaurants where you can spend your rest time.

Arc de Triomphe

  • It is the most famous tourist attraction located in Innsbruck.
  • Founded in 1765 AD, by order of Empress Maria Theresa.
  • What most tourists do is take a bike tour for walks near the Arc de Triomphe and enjoy watching the old houses around it.
  • Adjacent to it are lots of shops that you can buy the best souvenirs from.
  • You can also have your meal near it in a restaurant or cafes located near it.

Hofburg Palace

  • It was built in the 15th century to be the seat of the ruling family in Austria.
  • It is distinguished by its luxurious architectural design.
  • You can wander around and enjoy moving between its halls, which tell the history of Austria.
  • It also has a museum with a collection of important monuments.

Alpine Zoo

  • One of the most famous zoos in the world.
  • It was opened in 1962 AD.
  • It includes a rare group of endangered animals.
  • The garden is littered with greenery, with places to sit and relax.
  • You can see the different types of fish up close, so they are exposed to visitors in huge ponds with guides to introduce you to their different types.

Hofgarten Park

  • One of the largest parks located in the city of Innsbruck.
  • It includes many different activities that suit everyone.
  • There are pedestrian paths.
  • It also includes places to sit among its green areas.
  • It has an entertainment area where children can play.
  • It also includes a number of Romen statues and sculptures that you can enjoy watching.
  • It has a number of restaurants serving traditional Austria food that you can try and enjoy the enchanting nature scenes around you.

Shopping in Innsbruck

You can buy souvenirs from Innsbruck from many places, the most famous of which we offer you:

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Town Hall Shows

  • It is a huge shopping center with a large number of distinctive shops.
  • It has many restaurants where you can take your break.
  • It features a high glass ceiling that allows you to see the sky through it.
  • Shops usually offer great deals that you can take advantage of so that you can buy whatever you want at the lowest prices.

The Silpark Center

  • It is located in the center of Innsbruck.
  • It is distinguished by its modern and eye-catching design. At the front of its main entrance there is a magnificent illuminated fountain.
  • It houses a large group of international brands.

City center

  • You can shop from the city center on Maria Theresa Street, which has lots of shops and souvenirs.
  • Instead of going to the huge shopping malls, you can take a walk on Maria Theresa Street and enjoy sightseeing as well as purchase your supplies.
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