Miami is located in the state of Florida in the United States of America, and this city is called “the city of magic”, and the most beautiful thing about this city is its picturesque beaches that overlook the ocean, and if you are confused in knowing the best beaches of Miami, surely the Arab Travelers website will help you to know That:

The most famous beaches of the city of Miami:

1. 12th – Street Beach -12th Street Beach:

If you are a fan of white sand beaches, surely this will be your favorite beach !, This beach is considered one of the best beaches in Miami for families more than young people where you can find escort in the place. You can find many hotels near the beach and you can also find some Private beach clubs If you want some quietness because the beach is usually crowded with people, it is difficult to find a parking space for your car, so it is better to walk on your feet and it will be an opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather.The most famous beaches of the city of Miami12th - Street Beach -12th Street Beach Read also: The most popular tourist places in Orlando

2.Crandon Park - Crandon Park:

The beach is the main attraction in the Crandon Park, which is classified as a family-friendly park, and the park is considered one of the safest parks in Miami. You can do many family activities inside the park where you can rent a family bike for $ 20 with front seats for children for walks in the park and watching The beach. You can also visit the natural center next to Crandon Park Beach, where you can find exotic plants, rare fish and get to know the picturesque wildlife, so it is considered an area to study the natural environment and take a tour with nature and explore it!Crandon Park - Crandon ParkCrandon Park - Crandon Park Read also: Your tourist guide for Walt Disney World in Orlando

3. South Pointe Park Pier - South Pointe Park Pier:

The beach is located within a 17-acre park with picnic areas, a playground and a fishing pier from the beach and you can find a small house for a lifeguard at South Beach. The beach is a great place to watch cruises and ships, and also to watch the sunset; this will be your favorite place if you accompany Your family is with you in Miami.South Pointe Park Pier - South Pointe ParkSouth Pointe Park Pier - South Pointe Park

4. Haulover Beach - Holover Beach:

Holover Beach is located in the 99-acre Holover Park; in this beach you will find tens of miles of clear white sand, where you can surf in the ocean and see the scenic sand dunes. The park includes six tennis courts and a 27-hole golf course in The southern end of the park has many recreational areas, making the beach a great place for families.Haulover Beach - Holover Beach Haulover Beach - Holover Beach

5.Fort Lauderdale Beach - Fort Lauderdale Beach:

The beach is one of the best beaches overlooking the east coast in Florida, you can find many restaurants and hotels along the coast. The Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel is one of the most famous hotels located beside the beach, allowing you to see direct views of the beach. You can practice many Activities such as: beach walks, shopping, skiing, jogging and cycling; these activities make the beach very suitable for families.

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