The most famous guide to the cheap clothes markets in Istanbul, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey, which has become so popular that it has become the most important destinations that many tourists prefer all over the world, as it is a country of civilization, glory and sophistication throughout the ages. Istanbul has all the things that interest Being a mix between modern life and historical life, this diverse city is suitable for all tastes and budgets, starting with accommodations, entertainment places, restaurants and markets, and in our report today we will get to know together the cheapest clothing markets in this city and more A cross on Arab travelers.

Istanbul markets:

Istanbul is famous for including a group of the best markets, which number to two hundred markets distributed throughout the city, these markets provide a great range of different commodities at the cheapest prices of clothing, copper products, vegetables, fruits, textiles, handicrafts, works, and leather products such as shoes, bags, leather clothing, and others, as well as The presence of many shops and malls.

Cheap clothes markets in Istanbul:

  • Al-Fateh Bazaar:

Al-Fateh Bazar or Wednesday Market, this market is considered one of the cheapest markets in Istanbul, because it is located in the historical Al-Fateh region, and contains wonderful and varied collections of traditional Turkish clothing, and the best Turkish clothing brands, where all that is needed can be obtained at very reasonable prices.

  • Othman Bey Street:

This street is located in Sisli, where it is 10 minutes’ walk from Taksim. This street includes many shops that sell clothes with distinctive Turkish brands. This street is characterized by the presence of many side streets that branch from the main street and can be bought at the best prices .

  • Marter Market:

It is one of the best clothing markets for wholesale in Istanbul, as there is easy to get everything that is required at very reasonable prices, because the Marter market includes huge numbers of commercial centers and stores that provide all tastes of clothes at various prices and the best raw materials and the highest quality, and this market is famous for clothes Veiled and men’s clothes and children’s clothes, and this market is one of the most preferred clothing markets Arabs prefer, as many clothing merchants from Arabs go to shopping, and next to all this there are a number of shipping companies and customs clearance companies in the market to complete the business.

  • Lali Market:

Lalli Market is located in the historical city of Istanbul, and it includes many shops that sell wholesale and cut clothing, this market belongs to the Al-Fateh sector and includes many commercial centers, galleries and stores that provide the best clothes from Turkish brands and international brands at very special prices, and includes
This street has a number of corridors and inner streets that sell products at cheaper prices, and Lalli Market is famous for its women’s and children’s clothing, as well as weddings.

  • Istiklal Street :

It is considered one of the best markets in Istanbul, which sells wholesale clothing, as the market contains various products and merchandise, from children’s and women’s and men’s clothing as well as sportswear, the products there are distinguished by their quality and appropriate prices.

  • Mahmoud Pasha Street:

This street includes many wholesale clothing stores, and it is famous for selling menswear and women’s clothes, selling Turkish scarves and furnishings, all this and more at the cheapest prices.

  • Jewels Mall:

And Jawaher Mall is very popular with tourists who are interested in shopping and looking for the cheapest prices. Jawaher Mall includes many of the best local brands of clothing and fashion, to suit all tastes and needs of visitors.

  • Friday market :

It is considered one of the best and cheapest markets in Istanbul, and Friday Market is located in the Zada ​​Hotel area, where you can get everything that is needed with the cheapest prices that satisfy all tastes and budgets, and the market includes many cheap clothing stores.

  • Baghdad Street :

The history of Baghdad Street dates back to the era of the Ottomans, and it is considered one of the most famous streets in Istanbul. This street is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, and its length is 6 km, and it includes many local and international clothing stores, in addition to the presence of many small commercial buildings for shopping, the prices there are appropriate Extremely.

  • Yesilkoy Bazaar:

This market includes a variety of local clothes, accessories and cosmetics, where at Yışıköyl Bazaar you can enjoy the general Turkish atmosphere, and get the pleasure of shopping at the cheapest prices after a distinctive shopping tour.

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