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doha city center Doha Qatar, Since the beginning of the opening of City Center Doha in 2000, the Qatari government has focused on bringing out the Gulf and the Middle East in its entirety the greatest and largest integrated commercial complex, and this city center Doha was such a project that achieved the aspirations of Qataris to be on Their land is the largest commercial center in the Gulf, to meet all the needs and services for the people of the country, as it has all the services and goods besides the recreational activities of various kinds of health clubs, banking services, places for children, a Carrefour store and many stores to sell all goods and products, all of this converges in one place D, a City Center Doha, which consists of 370 commercial store spread over five floors, as well as providing a dedicated position for parking place to accommodate two thousand cars and more Here are more details on Arab travelers.

doha city center Doha Qatar:

It is a large and huge building consisting of five floors and its number of commercial stores reaches 372 stores, specialized in selling the most famous international brands of fashion, perfumes, accessories and traditional products that are handcrafted, along with food products, household accessories, electronic and electrical appliances, and there are also 62 kiosks in addition to the presence of a house A cinema has fourteen screens for display, there are 38 restaurants inside this mall and it has an entertainment city and a glazing circuit on the snow and a bowling alley, in addition to the availability of a number of banking services, and there is also a space for electronic games and another for children and p A game gymnastics water park and a Guetns health club and others.
Inside Doha City Center there is a multi-use banquet hall, and there is a place dedicated to rock climbing, and a number of different lounges, in addition to separate halls for women and other halls intended for men, and this center holds a number of events and seasonal activities and some programs through which to target various age groups.

City Center Doha:

It is located in the city of Doha, Qatar, in the luxury area of ​​Al-Dafna, and it is close to some luxury hotels, beaches and many well-known tourist places.

City Center Qatar working hours:

Work starts from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening, on Saturday through Wednesday.
From 10:00 in the morning until midnight on Thursday, work hours will begin in the center on the following day, which is Friday, from three in the afternoon until midnight.


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