Tourism in India: the most famous places of choice for the Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Arabs in India, India is characterized by being a tourist front suitable for summer and winter, where it is possible to travel at the lowest possible costs, as well as it includes all the tourist ingredients, as it includes legendary castles, natural landscapes and magnificent palaces, in addition to the presence of many Shopping centers, parks and parks, as well as cultural, climate and cultural diversity that distinguishes the country and here are more details for Arab travelers.

India attractions:

  • The vast area of ​​India, where it is estimated that its area exceeds the area of ​​the United States of America by nearly a third, in addition to its possession of many wonderful sites throughout.
  • Cultural diversity, so the tourist will have no difficulty in dealing with the culture of the people there.
  • The hospitality is in India and the Indian people are friendly, affectionate, and respectful to the guest.
  • Yoga exercises as India is the perfect place to meditate exercises and learn yoga exercises.
  • The markets in India have their own charm that is impossible to resist, as each region is famous for its handicrafts.
  • Architecture in India, which is very different from the architecture of other civilizations.
  • Indian cuisine, as Indians have their own distinctive flavors.

The most beautiful places of tourism in India:

  • New Delhi:

It is the second Indian city after Bombay and they call it Miniature India. New Delhi is one of the most prosperous countries in the world in the fields of education, entertainment, scientific research, arts, fashion and media, besides that tourism has a great role in highlighting the importance of this city, and one of the features of this city is the Qutub Minar and the castle The Alhambra, India Gate, Jami Mosque, Humayun Shrine, Agrasin Ki Pawley, and Lodi Gardens.

  • Kashmir city:

It is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in India, and the Kashmir Valley is characterized as one of the most attractive destinations for tourists during the winter days, where snow abounds in it. Nishat Park is one of the city’s most attractive landmarks for tourists.

  • Mumbai city:

It is considered one of the most beautiful cities of India besides it is the most attractive city for tourists, as its ancient neighborhoods and buildings reflect the extent of the splendor and originality of Indian civilization, as its buildings include many historical and tourist attractions that attract tourists from all countries of the world, starting with the famous Mumbai Gate that opens Its doors to welcome its guests, for sightseeing such as the Prince of Wales Museum, Chatrapati Station, Haji Ali Mosque and Tarapuriwala Aquarium, do not forget the quiet Chowpatty beach during the day to enjoy life tonight after sunset.

  • Goa city:

It is considered one of the most beautiful and smallest cities in India, where it is located in the Konkan region. This city is distinguished by its green nature and it contains the most beautiful beaches that lie beside it, large green areas and palm trees are distinguished by it, and it is characterized by mild weather in it. For the honeymoon holiday, this city includes many natural landmarks such as waterfalls and beaches that provide many recreational activities, in addition to the distinctive city markets that come to life where Indian accessories that are made by hand as well as spices are sold. Ornaments and others.

  • Bangalore:

It is located in the state of Karnataka, and they call it Garden City because of the large number of tall trees lined on both sides of the city’s streets. It was built in 1962, a visit to the Nandi hills, as well as a visit to Lal Bagh Park, Cobone Park and Bannergata Park, then a visit to the Film City, Snow City and Lumpini Gardens.

  • Kerala:

This city is distinguished by its beautiful natural beauty, located in southwestern India, its location on the coast and its view of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea and the spread of water canals and mountains and the spread of tropical forests increases the place to magnificence and beauty, where the Tikkadi Park is this place which is the first kiss for all marine life lovers to see buffalo Elephants and deer are the city of Munnar, with vast tea plantations spread over vast green areas, along with paths designated for sunshades and waterfalls next to Varkala Beach.

  • Agra City:

It is one of the most famous tourist cities in India as it has a great role in tourism in India, because it has many attractions for tourists all over the world, and the most important features of this city are the ancient Agra Alhambra Castle and the fictional Taj Mahal Shrine, in addition to the presence of many amazing ancient buildings.

  • Chennai:

And known as the city of festivals, this city is famous as a center for auto manufacturing in India, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations for many from inside and outside India, and many musical and cultural festivals are held every year in this city besides it includes many popular markets that are packed with shoppers and visitors And many temples that are distinguished by the originality of architecture, and there are Marina Beach, which is one of the most ideal beaches for families, for walks and walking.



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