The most famous cities of Algeria

المسافرون العرب

Algira the capital

The city of Algiers is the largest city in the country, and it has gained its name in relation to the four islands that are part of the city, located in the north of the country along the Mediterranean Sea, and its population density swallows about 500,000 people, and is also considered a commercial, economic, and financial center, and includes many Among the important buildings, such as government offices, cathedrals, the Casbah, and the National Museum of Bardo.


The city of Oran is located in the northwest of Algeria in the middle of the distance for the road between Tangier, Morocco and Algeria, as it is the closest point to Algeria from Spain, and the city of Oran with the neighboring city of Marsa Al-Kabir forms the largest port in the country after the Algiers port.


Annaba is one of the most beautiful cities of Algeria for its magnificent architecture, fresh water, fertile agricultural lands, and its historical importance comes from being the place where Saint Augustine lived his last years, and its coastal location gave it quiet sea views that made it a peaceful haven, and it also includes the port that Exports the majority of exports in the country.

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Batna occupies the fifth largest city in Algeria, located near the city of Constantine to the north of the beginning of the Sahara Desert, and Batna began its history as a French military fortress, so the French managed to reach the Atlas Mountains and desert ropes, but today, Batna is considered an agricultural center and a major market center in The region, and what distinguishes it most is the lively atmosphere of cinemas and cultural centers.


Timimoun is considered an oasis of the Sahara desert in Africa, and it is characterized by its presence of moving sand dunes, palm groves, and its salt lake, and despite its small size, it is rich in culture and history, it includes an ancient neighborhood known as palaces, characterized by the Sudanese architectural style with its very red clay walls, either In the modern part of the city, the French character is more evident in the styles of architecture, in addition to the African architectural style which appeared clearly, due to the delay in the abolition of slavery in it.

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