Belgium is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Europe, as it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and one of the global fashion capitals
Belgium has many tourist cities and Brussels is the most famous of Belgium’s tourist cities as the capital and the incubator of the most famous historical and tourist attractions in the country

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Before traveling to Belgium

Belgium is one of the countries that apply the Schengen visa system, like the rest of the European Union. You can check with the Belgian embassy in your country to request it. It authorizes you to travel to Belgium and stay for a period not exceeding 90 days.

The official currency in Belgium is the euro, the official language is Dutch with 59%, followed by French with 40%, and German
The cost of travel to Belgium is suitable for all categories of travelers, whether on a budget or who have a good budget. You can find hotels that suit your need and requirements
With regard to transportation, we advise you to use public transportation as it is highly efficient and cost less

What are the best times to travel to Belgium?

The best time to travel to Belgium is in the spring and summer seasons where the day is longer and the weather is moderate and suitable for picnics and tourist tours.

How long is tourism in Belgium?

Traveling to Belgium and visiting the most important tourist places requires a maximum of one to 10 days

Let us now know the most beautiful tourist destinations in Belgium, namely:

Tourism in Brussels

Brussels, the capital, also called the capital of Europe, is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Belgium, as it abounds in beautiful tourist places and historical sites
Where is Brussels?
Brussels is located in the north and center of Belgium, and it consists of 19 municipalities distributed over 7 administrative regions

The most important places of tourism in Belgium, Brussels

We show you on this tab the most important tourist places in Belgium, Brussels, which is worth a visit .. Read more

Tourism in Brussels

Dinant tourism

Dinant is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Belgium. It is a city located along the Mezzo River in the Namur Province. It contains many tourist attractions, the most famous of which are the Han Caves and the Cave of Dinant, as it is one of the most beautiful places within a natural reserve that is the largest in Europe
If you are a nature enthusiast and adventure enthusiast, do not miss visiting Dinant, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Belgium

Tourist places in Belgium

Tourism in Bruges

The city of Bruges is another of the most beautiful tourist areas in Belgium, famous for the presence of water canals and impressive stone bridges, such as those in the city of Venice, so it is called the title of Venice of the North.
The city of Bruges is a popular destination for couples, as it is a city with a romantic character. The city also includes a group of windmills and many types of water birds, such as pelicans.

Tourist places in Belgium

Tourism in Ghent

She sang one of Belgium’s historic cities, which is evident in medieval historical architecture that still preserves its splendor.
Ghent contains many attractions in Belgium, including museums and cathedrals, as well as Gravensteen Castle

Tourist regions in Belgium

Tourism in Antwerp

Without a doubt, the diamond capital will have an important place on the list of tourism sites in Belgium that you should visit. The city is famous for being one of the most important international centers for the diamond industry as it includes a large number of diamond stores in addition to fashion and fashion stores.
The city also enriches its historical character, which appears in the splendid mix of architecture in ancient times, such as Gothic and Baroque architecture.

Belgium tourism in the most famous tourist cities of Belgium

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