Dear reader, we present to you our topic today from Arab travelers around the world’s islands in Dubai, it is the most luxurious project, and the Emirate of Dubai has created it in recent years, and it contains a number of luxury villas, which are characterized by great luxury, in addition to the wonderful beach with amazing blue waters, And many other activities chasing him from riding a luxury boat, playing volleyball and tennis in front of him, among others.
These artificial islands have been built in the form of a world map, so this name was given to it, and this project is considered a different move in the world of real estate. In addition, we find that the Emirate of Dubai launched the Heart of Europe project, which consists of 6 islands, extending up to 4 kilometers from Dubai Beach, which is one of the projects located in the islands of the world.
In the following lines we will talk in some detail about the islands of the world located in Dubai, so follow us.

The World Islands in Dubai

This project was proposed by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and it was received by Al Nakheel Real Estate Company, in order to complete the construction of the islands, and to complete them in record time.
It is a small artificial islands built in 2003, and the number of islands is about three hundred converged islands, and a large number of islands have been sold either to investors or to the private sector.
We find that there are many services that have been facilitated and provided to the islands of the world. There are several lands that were left in order to establish a number of public parks, and these islands were linked to waterways.
Although in 2010 a number of newspapers said that the facilities began to sink under the water, and that this project is one of the failed projects, the company denied all of this, and during the past years a number of different resorts were created, and there are many citizens who came to these islands, and visited Many tourists from all over the different countries.

The most important information about the islands of the world in Dubai

  • The construction of this project was completely based on rocks and sand, 6 and steel or concrete was not used, as 30 million tons of rock and 3 million cubic meters of sand were used.
  • Its small islands consist of a variety of areas between 14 thousand square kilometers and 42 thousand square kilometers.
  • These islands include apartments, real estate, hotels, resorts, and places for entertainment and recreation, and the units are sold there in millions of UAE dirhams.
  • In 2003 the project was announced.
  • In 2008 the project was suspended due to a financial crisis.
  • At the end of 2013, two islands were placed in this place.
  • No environmental material has been used in building these islands due to several environmental considerations.
  • We find that the distance between each island and the other reaches 50 or 100 meters.
  • We find that the island that lasted for a long time is alone inhabited was Greenland, and its ownership belongs to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  • We find that the financial cost of this project and the development of the islands reached up to 2005, to 14 billion USD.
  • Tourists can reach these islands by seaplane, or boat.
  • To this project was added a marine environment that includes many rocky coral reefs, as the islands there are full of marine life.
  • This project is about seven km in length and 9 km in width.
  • We find that there is a difference in the size of the islands, some of them have a small area, others have a large area, some islands reach an area of ​​24 thousand square meters, and there are other islands we find an area of ​​about 81 thousand square meters.
  • There are 6 water holes in the breakwater, which in turn contribute to water circulation and flow.
  • The average depth of water between islands may reach 15 meters.
  • We find that among the islands that were opened there are the island of lovers, the island of Lebanon, the island of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

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