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Al-Fatih Mosque

The Fatih Mosque is an important tourist destination for visitors and tourists in Istanbul, Turkey, and it is known in Turkish as (The Fatih Sultan Mehmed Cami in), in relation to the Ottoman Sultan Muhammed Al-Fatih, where it was built in the period between two years ( 1463-1470 AD, after the Sultan was able to open the city of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) in 1453 AD, and despite the mosque being exposed to a severe earthquake, it was rebuilt again in 1771 AD.

Sulaymaniyah Mosque

The Süleymaniye Mosque (in Turkish: Süleymaniye Mosque), which ranks fourth among the mosques that were built during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul, and one of its most important features, as it was established by the architect Mimar Sinan, where the mosque is characterized by the splendor of its architecture And, as it includes many wonderful parts, such as gardens, porches, four minarets, and a fountain dedicated to ablution, as well as a school, hospital, and other monuments. It is worth noting that this mosque is surrounded by streets with wooden houses dating back to the Ottoman era.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia (English: Hagia Sophia), which is considered an important historical and archaeological landmark in the Turkish city of Istanbul in its beginning as a church in 537 AD, was built by Justinian, but it was soon after the Islamic conquest of it in 1453 AD that it turned into a mosque within the Ottoman Empire , And after making several adjustments to it, such as: adding fountains, minarets, and others.
The viewer of Hagia Sophia can observe the beauty of the various marbles that adorn its walls, although the mosaics they cover are incomparable with beauty, along with the Islamic and Christian symbols adorning them, which gives them a different historical character. It should be noted that it was converted in 1935 to become a museum that receives many visitors, and tourists coming to Turkey from all over the world.

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