The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens (English: Botanical Gardens), which is one of the most important monuments of the city of Montreal, and the tourist destinations in it, besides it is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world located at the eastern end of the city, and it consists of several gardens, and greenhouses covering an area of ​​approximately 768,902 m 2 This park, which was considered a national historical site in Canada in 2008, includes many parks, such as: the Alpine Park, the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, and the First Nations Park, and it also includes 22,000 species of animals and plants that attract large numbers of tourists who Up prepared Raid to hundreds of thousands. It is worth noting that this garden was officially opened on the ninth of June of the year 1931 AD.

Notre Dame Church

The Basilique Notre-Dame (in French: Basilique Notre-Dame), or the so-called Church of the Virgin, is a very famous landmark in the Canadian city of Montreal, in addition to being one of its most important archaeological and historical sites, as it represents harmony, and a wonderful visual harmony between its windows. Stained glass, finely carved wood, and skill, along with the paintings that decorate it, among others. It is noteworthy that the date of construction of this church dates back to 1829 AD.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Among the festivals that take place all over the world, Montreal International Jazz Festival is the largest among them, in addition to being one of its most important landmarks, as a large area in the city center is closed to set up this festival, with the aim of absorbing nearly 2,500,000 visitors and tourists attend more than 650 music performances between late June and early July at several outdoor and indoor locations. It is worth noting that more than 400 musical performances are offered free of charge.

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