The most important landmarks of South Korea

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Cox Mall

COEX Mall, located in the Korean capital, Seoul, has an area of ​​154,000 square meters, and it occupies the largest area of ​​underground shopping in the world. , And a movie theater.

Korean National Museum

The National Museum of Korea, which is located in the city of Seoul in South Korea – which is one of its most important features – displays the history of the country extending from the prehistoric period to the period of the Korean Empire, and it includes many exhibitions, such as: The Joseon Dynasty Show, The Baekje Incense Burner, which displays art models dating back to the period between the sixth and seventh centuries, i.e. the period that represents the history of the Baekje kingdom, as well as the golden treasures from Hwangham’s tomb The great, as it includes crafts, and paints exhibitions Sculptures and special exhibitions that host famous shows. It is worth noting that this museum contains a museum for children that displays part of the Korean culture, and provides many places for play, and many restaurants, cafes, and others.

Visual Trick Museum

The Trick Eye Museum is considered one of the most important tourist attractions located in the Korean city of Seoul, where the artists in this museum use classic techniques of art represented by creating two-dimensional images to appear as a three-dimensional image, by adopting interactive visual illusions that vary Between the simple and the strange, which covers most of the museum walls. It should be noted that the Ice Museum has also been inaugurated, which displays many ice sculptures within it, providing an enjoyable sight for visitors and tourists.


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