1- Ajloun Reserve
Ajloun Forest Reserve is one of the reserves of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, established in 1988 AD, the reserve is located in the north of Ajloun Governorate, in the north of Jordan, and it is at a distance of 8 km from the center of the governorate. The springs after the founding of Ajloun, the construction of the reserve was implemented by the Jordan River Foundation in partnership with the Royal Society, and with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and the Japanese government.
The area of ​​the reserve is 13 square kilometers, and it rises 1500 meters from the sea. Surrounded by dense trees such as oak trees, maples, ducks, carob, vines, hawthorn, pears, etc., the reserve also contributes to the propagation of a specific type of deer called a stag. Brown, which is extremely rare for more than a century ago, has about 200 species of wild plants and flowers such as anemones, black iris and chrysanthemums.

It also contains more than 30 types of medicinal plants such as pigeon man, and Alanasd, curly, as well as 8 types of predators such as wolf, red fox and hyena, and 16 types of reptiles such as green lizard, Palestinian snake, Greek turtles, and 40 types of birds such as hoopoe The partridge and the goggles, as well as 4 types of rodents such as the rat, the linds, and the Persian squirrel.
The park receives visitors to camp in it, through specific programs that you place, and the visitor can walk in the reserve to see the diversity in it, as well as he can stay for camping in the tourist camp in it, consisting of 10 huts, and can accommodate forty people.

2- Dana Heritage Village Reserve
Dana Reserve, located in Tafila Governorate, is the largest natural reserve in Jordan. This reserve was established in 1989, with an area of ​​more than 300 square kilometers. The reserve extends to the slopes of several mountains that rise above the sea by a distance of 150 meters, and there are many mountains that Interspersed with scenic valleys, the Dana Reserve is the only reserve in the Kingdom of Jordan that contains 4 vital regions: the Mediterranean region, the Iranian Turanian region, the Arabian desert region, and the Sudanese region.
The Dana Reserve contains large numbers of plants that exceed 800 species, of whom three types are not found in the whole world except in this reserve, as there are many types of animals in the reserve, where there are birds and mammals threatened with extinction on the world level such as the Syrian beast , Afghan fox, and mountain goats, as the reserve works to breed the falcon falcon in it, and Dana protectorate receives all kinds of visits from tourists, and offers a range of various programs within the reserve, to see mountains, animals and various plants.

3- Al-Mujib Reserve
The Mujib Reserve is one of the largest reserves in the Kingdom of Jordan, with an area of ​​216 km2, which is 32 km from the city of Karak, 80 km from the city of Amman, and the reserve extends 400 meters from it under the sea, and 800 meters above the sea, so From the most low point in it can be classified as the lowest reserve on the face of the earth, and there are several high mountain ranges in the reserve, valleys and rivers, and through which two rivers meet inside the reserve are the Mujib and Hidan rivers.
There are rare plants and flowers in the reserve such as orchids, acacia, blink trees, and palm trees, and there are about 400 species of plants in the reserve, registered within 63 botanical families, and there are many wild animals such as mountain goats, wolf, mountain gazelle, and wild cats such as Lynx and ferrets, as there are more than 150 species of birds, whether local or migratory, such as hookar, confusion, guilt and blackness.
The reserve also receives tourists for practicing various activities in it such as swimming, climbing mountains, and seeing rare neighborhoods. The reserve is historically important, and is linked to the heavenly religions, as it contains archaeological sites from antiquity such as Romen times and Islamic times.

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