The resort is characterized by being on the top of a cliff facing the Atlantic Ocean, and it overlooks a wonderful golf course and a distinctive garden, which provides a distinctive view for the product.
The hotel consists of 154 rooms, and these rooms are divided into individual rooms, marital and other in the form of luxury suites.

– All rooms include seating areas, and the rooms are well equipped with the latest amenities and appliances, in a way that provides the guest with complete comfort and isolation.
As for the interior of the hotel, it is made of bamboo wood, with bathrooms made of tiles, as well as the rooms equipped with air-conditioning and TV that contains all the satellite channels.
Some rooms have private pools.

The health club
The hotel features a distinctive health club at the highest level, the club includes the latest massage and massage rooms, the latest sauna rooms, as well as rooms specialized in relaxation.

The hotel has a large number of restaurants, which offer various types of food, which belong to many international kitchens, as well as a restaurant in front of the pool, providing food and drinks outdoors.
Exercise inside the hotel
– The hotel provides a sports center, which includes the latest types of sports equipment, in addition to that the hotel provides tennis and soccer fields, in addition to providing a number of water games, diving and snorkeling.
– The resort also has six swimming pools, some of them are covered, while others are open air.

Meeting and conference rooms at the hotel
– There are 13 rooms available in the hotel for holding events, important conferences, and the maximum capacity of each hall is 700 individuals. These rooms are also equipped with the latest and best equipment, which facilitates the establishment of important conferences.
– This is in addition to the fact that the hotel includes a number of wedding halls and events, while providing a number of shows and regulations for celebrating the wedding, which include preparing the bride, the ceremonial stay, and the wedding of the bride after the wedding.
Recreational services available at the resort
The hotel offers a number of activities, which help the guest to have more enjoyment, and the most important of these activities, rental bicycles, rooms for games, and other for children, golf courses, and tennis courts.

Some other services provided by the resort
– The product provides some other services, the most important of which are reception services at the highest level, and the latest and best exchange and money transfer services, as well as a luggage storage service, as it also provides free internet service, and some shops to buy souvenirs, as well as The hotel has a car park attached to it, in addition to a number of important activities being held at the resort.
You can speak inside the resort in a number of English, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Spanish and German languages.

Some picnic areas are close to the resort
The resort is close to a number of the most beautiful beaches there, and the most important of these beaches, Barranco das Belharucas Beach, Maria LuIsa Beach.
It is also near a number of important sights in Portugal:
– Church of São Lourenço.
– Algarve Shopping Center.
– Old Town Squar.
– The Strip – Albufeira.

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