There are many recreational tourist places in Bahrain and Bahrain is famous for its noisy ports and wonderful tourist places, as it is one of the oil-rich countries and the most famous for precious stones, but with the progress of business in Bahrain, a lot of oil has been drained at an astonishing rate, which made Bahrain looking for new sources of income and resorted to tourism.
Indeed, Bahrain has become one of the Arab tourist countries visited by thousands of tourists to see the relics of the ancient Dilmun civilization or the great fort of Bahrain Castle and famous dive sites and other attractions.

Recreational tourist places in Bahrain


At first glance, Manama may not look very exciting to you, and you might think it is just a city that resides in all parts of the Middle East, but you can explore its glistening buildings and skyscrapers and you will find that it is a truly exciting Arab city with a rich history and a known culture. Manama has many features Outstanding tourist and commercial markets that sell spices, pearls and carpets, and you can also take a trip to the Bahrain National Museum to find out everything about the Portuguese and Persian past of this city, and Manama also contains many luxury resorts that exist along the Gulf Coast. Also: the best tourist places in Bahrain for families
Riffa Riffa

One of the most important recreational tourist places in Bahrain is the city of Riffa, which is located in the heart of Bahrain, and this city was one of the largest cities in the country before it took its place, the city of Manama, and the city of Riffa is one of the most beautiful recreational tourist places in Bahrain that you can see ancient tourist attractions such as There is also the great Riffa Fort. You will also find winding shopping streets and authentic Arabic bazaars that add magnificence and beauty, and stores sell jewelery, necklaces, pearls and exquisite oriental spices. This area is also distinguished by the fact that it mixes the ancient with the modern because you will find it One of the most famous golf courses in the Middle East.
Forgiving, Juffair

This city is located on the coast of Bahrain and is one of the richest areas that express luxury and opulence, and all the lands of this region are reclaimed, as you will find amazing white towers and many luxury apartments, ships and yachts owned by the rich. The sidewalks are filled with private yachts located on the best beaches in Bahrain, The beaches are also distinguished by the wonderful golden sands and bright lakes that are among the most beautiful tourist places where you can go diving and swimming
Amwaj Island

Amwaj Island is distinguished by its magnificent blue water and attractive landscape, which expresses the speed of development and progress where many new towers are built and luxurious restaurants and a large group of resorts and residential places are housed in. This area is usually inhabited by all expatriates and those who want to spend a special vacation where all public facilities are located there Bars, fast food restaurants and lots of great entertainment.

Hawar Islands

Hawar Islands is located in the far south of the archipelago in Bahrain on the coast of neighboring Qatar, which are uninhabited islands due to the prevalence of dry places and the inability to obtain water sources there, but many come to visit these islands to see the most beautiful types of birds that spread There are many rare and endangered birds that you can see and find along the beach, and besides the birds you can see a lot of wild animals, discover the island and take the most beautiful memorial pictures there, surely it will be a special trip for you and your family.

Muharraq Muharraq
The city of Muharraq dates back to the famous civilization of Dilmun, and the Greeks contributed to bringing true prosperity to this northern city in Bahrain when they started to work a lot of commercial roads there. Muharraq was by the capital of Bahrain but it is now the point of entry and exit from the state of Bahrain and it is the place of the international airport for Bahrain This city has a special charm in which you can find a special area where traditional markets and many popular cafes serve different drinks for visitors, and Muharraq city is also known for having the best football team.

Isa Town
At first glance, the city of Isa looks like a simple city that contains only white villas and luxury homes, but you will find many stalls and bazaars that sell all kinds of traditional Bahraini fabrics and crafts. There are also cafes that provide you with the ability to have a cup of mint tea and listen to Luck of the locals, as well as this city will suit you if you are a football fan because it is the home of the magnificent Bahrain National Stadium and it is the largest football place in the country and it is very crowded in times of matches so it is among the best recreational tourist places in the country Haren.

Hamad Town, Hamad Town
There are many ancient cities in Bahrain, but there are some modern cities there such as Madinat Hamad, which is one of the more modern cities than other cities, as it dates back to the eighties. Hamad Town is located 18 kilometers outside Manama, which is a very crowded city and is famous for its wonderful natural scenery. You can visit it to enjoy a distinct leisure trip, get to know its crowded popular places and see its amazing scenery.

The Zallaq area is located on the western coast of Bahrain and you will find turquoise river lakes and palm trees that spread on the beach, and the Zallaq area is considered one of the most beautiful recreational tourist places in Bahrain.
This part of Bahrain is famous for the white sand on the Algerian beach, which is considered one of the best public beaches that everyone loves to visit. You can enjoy recreational water sports such as water skiing and windsurfing, or enjoy a delicious barbecue cooked on the beach.

Aali, A’Ali
The city of Aali is located between Isa Town and the western coast of Bahrain, and it is a wonderful village famous for making pottery with attractive special shapes, as it is the hub of arts and crafts in Bahrain, making it one of the most important recreational tourist places in Bahrain for all tourists and locals from all over the world. You can tour the area to explore the bazaar Local and ceramic shops and see the locals working on this amazing craft, where visitors come to visit this place and buy the most beautiful souvenirs from there.

Al Jasra, Al Jasra
In Al Jasra Village you can continue to search for places that are also famous for selling exquisite handicrafts, this village is located at the crossroads of King Fahd Bridge and the strait of the West Coast of Bahrain and is also one of the best recreational tourist places in Bahrain that many love to visit. It is known that this area is One of the ancient heritage areas famous for arts and crafts, you will find there shops of textiles, fabrics, pottery and various traditional crafts that serve as distinctive souvenirs. The village contains the house of Al Jasra, which was the residence of the former Sheikh Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, which is Known for its glowing coral stones.

Al Areen, Al Areen
Al Areen area is one of the most beautiful recreational areas in Bahrain, as it contains the best hotels and resorts that many come to stay in and enjoy the beauty of nature there, and this area is famous for the wonderful wildlife and attractive birds. The Al Areen region is located in the southwest of Bahrain and you will find a wealth of animals that cross The splendor and charm of nature, such as Arabian camels, Nubian deer and other animals, and falconry shows are made regularly there. Many find special pleasure in watching them.
Sitra sweater
One of the most beautiful recreational tourist places in Bahrain is Sitra Island in the Arabian Gulf on the eastern edge of Bahrain. This island is used by fishermen and various oil companies, so it is one of the interesting places for everyone.
You can visit and enjoy spending a wonderful time with family and friends, especially as it contains a lot of palm-filled beaches and small beachfront restaurants.

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