One of the most beautiful, magical and magnificent cities in Indonesia is the tourist city of Bandung with beautiful scenery and wonderful places, where there are many hotels that you can live in and spend a wonderful time visiting the tourist places adjacent to these hotels, and today our trip will be the most important tourist hotels that are always advisable to visit Because it provides a variety of services for all visitors, whether they are foreigners or indigenous people, it is excellent services that will make you determined to return to it again to enjoy its wonderful services, so let us start our journey together and tour these tourist hotels to get to know Pain and tips housing Bandung where.

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Sukajadi Hotel

Image result for Sokagadi HotelThis hotel is considered one of the best high-end tourism hotels that provide its visitors with the best services and the most wonderful and diverse, and one of the most distinguishing features of this hotel and makes it a suitable place for housing is that it is located in the middle of the city of Bandung, where there are famous shopping places that you can go from time to time with ease, The hotel is also surrounded by many famous restaurants, in addition to the presence of a Carrefour supermarket to purchase the necessary needs, as well as the hotel is approaching Paris, the Java Mall, which we referred to in a previous article, and is a popular shopping center that accepts thousands of tourists from all over the world due to the products it provides B Prices are cheap, will definitely stay in Sukajadi Hotel in the very magnificence and importance because of the return you benefits and you are adjacent to a distinct group of tourist shopping malls, surrounded by many shopping centers such as Espert and Jess Center, Pepe and many other centers and outlets for major factories and brands. The hotel is considered a 3-star hotel, but it provides 4-star service, and it is surrounded by many tourist places, centers and factories that sell the best and most distinctive products, if you want to live there, you will enjoy a very distinctive housing experience in the center of the tourist city of Bandung, where you will be surrounded by all the important places, When you visit this hotel and make the decision to live in it, we advise you to reserve a room from the large rooms and avoid reserving an ordinary room because it is small in size and does not overlook a beautiful place like the large room, and we advise you to reserve a superior room because it is a large and distinct room and you can watch the pool through it.The hotel’s location Buquenj watching guest reviews and level: Click here

Panghegar Hotel

Image result for Panggar
This hotel is one of the luxury hotels that will allow you to enjoy many services such as free Wi-Fi, restaurants, ATM and more other services provided by the hotel in order to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of its customers, and because the hotel enjoys its presence in a central area it makes it easy for you to visit the historical tourist museums nearby It is worth noting that the hotel is only 5 minutes away from the business district and is also close to the international airport. The hotel is located on a street called Merdeka Street, which is a distinguished and famous street that is visited by thousands of tourists daily due to the fact that it contains a lot of shopping centers and shops. In addition, there is a bank for currencies and all the banks that are located in Asia Street near the hotel, and the hotel provides all services to its guests such as food, display screens, bathrooms and playgrounds as it contains more than 200 different rooms you can choose the room that suits you, and when you take this hotel a place to live We advise you to wander around it and take advantage of the surrounding shopping centers at the best unbeatable prices, you will have fun while shopping and see new and wonderful products. To book at this hotel from the website and see the guest reviews and its level: click here

Grand Setiabudi Hotel Apartments

Image result for Grand Seabody ApartmentsThese apartments are among the apartments that provide five-star service, as you can rely on them for housing because of the ideal services they provide, they are very wonderful and are close to the famous Jeans Street that we talked about in a previous article, and in these apartments you will have all the services you need Restaurants, free internet and breakfasts, as well as they enjoy integrated security services and room services that include daily and continuous cleaning, laundry and other services. These apartments are characterized by the wonderful decorations that distinguish each apartment from the other, the apartments were designed with really luxurious decorations that suit the tastes of tourists From makht Around the world, these apartments consist of rooms, halls, and bathrooms, in addition to having an integrated swimming pool and many recreational services provided by the team to manage these apartments or small hotels adjacent, it will be a distinct experience at all when deciding to live in these luxury apartments that we advise to spend different holidays It has family and friends. To book this hotel from the King site and see guest reviews and its level: click here

Hilton Bandung

Image result for Hilton BandungHilton Bandung is rated as one of the best hotels in Bandung in general, as the hotel provides a very excellent service and luxurious and very comfortable places to stay, and you will find it approximately 600 meters from the public train station. The hotel contains restaurants that provide all meals from all Countries of the world also contain restaurants that offer famous European meals such as pizza and distinctive Asian cuisine. It is also advised to live in this hotel because it overlooks the best shopping options, namely the Pasar Baru area and the Braga City Walk area. The hotel contains luxury rooms and business centers. Be directly overlooking the famous Mount Tankopan, and there is a large swimming pool on the roof in a very wonderful addition to the availability of Wi-Fi in all parts of the hotel from public places. To book at this hotel from the site of Boking and see the guest reviews and its level: click here

Sensa Hotel Bandung

Image result for Bandung HotelsThe famous Sansa hotel is located in the city of Bandung and it is directly attached to the famous shopping center, Teha Palace Walk, where you can live and enjoy a distinctive buying experience at any time. The hotel has a large and wonderful outdoor pool and a group of rooms with wonderful decorations that provide the best services. The hotel also overlooks the mountainous landscape Wonderful, and has a dedicated car park and free Wi-Fi that spreads throughout the hotel, and the hotel is ten minutes from the public train station, not only that, but the hotel also has a bar, private bathrooms, massages and physiotherapy, and restaurants in the hotel Y International snacks and refreshing drinks distinctive. To book in this hotel from the site of Boking and see the guest reviews and its level: Click here to here we have finished the best and most important hotels in the city of Bandung that contain the best distinctive services, on the promise of a new trip in the cities of Indonesia and the wonderful streets of Bandung .

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