Antalya is a first-class tourist country that offers you many things to do and a lot of tourist places to go to, so we chose to go with you today to a trip in order to see the sights of the charming city of Antalya and many attractions that make you enjoy spending the most wonderful and best times ever, Among the most important things that distinguishes Antalya from others is that it resembles a maze filled with many amazing historical and tourist attractions, it is a large spot of beaches with wonderful white sand and clear water, so if you are a beach lover or a long history buff, your trip will definitely be for your Oh really fun, and today we are going to take you with us to some important tourist places that are located in the city of Antalya, and now let’s start our journey.

The old town (Kaleiçi)

This neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods that resemble the maze, it contains many white and red walls and many palaces that date back to the era of the Ottomans. A large number of luxury hotels, souvenir shops, art galleries and tourist restaurants, and although it is a small place to entertain in the atmosphere of the ancient world, it contains a lot of small attractions such as mosques, lighthouses and hotels that suit everyone who wants a quick tour, And still all the tourist and historical monuments are present and retain their wonderful and attractive shape you can visit at any time to get to know the wonderful Ottoman and Byzantine civilization.

Antalya Museum

If you are interested in Turkish history, you will definitely like the Antalya Museum, it is an excellent museum that contains a group of wonderful exhibits that express the ancient history of Turkey and a little complicated, where it becomes easy for you to know some amazing historical stories, and in the Antalya Museum you will find a special section for the exhibits that Belong to the Bronze and Byzantine era, with a hall devoted to photography and workshops for various restoration work, a cafeteria and a section dedicated to young children. The tourism monuments were divided into all sections according to different history and time periods and there are many other departments that make Of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Antalya.

Yivli Minare Lighthouse Mosque

It is one of the most distinctive monuments in the city of Antalya, and the Seljuk Sultan Alauddin built this great mosque, which is a great example of Seljuk architecture. The mosque includes a square base topped with a cylinder with eight sides of a large spear, and the mosque also contains a large exhibition that he enjoys seeing Tourists who like to visit this distinctive historical monument, it is one of the first Islamic buildings built in Antalya for several centuries, and the mosque has a wonderful minaret with a height of about 28 meters, if you are a fan of religious historical monuments you will definitely like this mosque.

Antalya Akvaryum

This place is suitable for lovers of fish and marine creatures, as the Antalya Aquarium is a large basin with thousands of fish of different types and shapes, it is really wonderful to stand and monitor the movement of fish and various marine creatures as they walk inside a very large glass cube, and this place is considered to be Thousands of entertainment places that are located under the ground and thousands of tourists go to visit them to enjoy an experience of unconventional experiences, and this place does not only contain fish, but you will find a closed ice hall containing a group of sculptures and snow sculptures.

Aspendos Theater

One of the most important reasons that drive many to visit Antalya is the famous Aspendos Theater, which is considered one of the distinctive archaeological sites. This Romen theater is considered one of the best international museums located in the city of Antalya and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey, and this large theater accommodates more than 15 thousand A visitor has been completely restored to preserve his appearance and wonderful appearance, which remained one of the most important Romen tourist attractions. Still this theater is so far retains the distinctive appearance.

Karain Cave

The origins of this cave go back to the prehistoric era, where the ancient man inhabited this cave in the ancient stone age and made a permanent home for it, and excavations were made in this cave and many human and stone remains that are considered great historical monuments were discovered, and thanks to the existence of this cave Discovering a lot of historical information and antiquities related to the ancient stone age. The museum contains an exhibition that tourists love to watch. It is one of the ancient and archeological popular places that many families are interested in. When visiting this cave we advise you to go to it on the day of the week in which visitors are less So you can enjoy this historical monument.

The city of Vasilis Phaselis

This ancient city is considered one of the most important historical ancient cities, which witnesses thousands of visits every day by tourists from all over the world. The city of Vasilis is located between three small bays, and this city contains a group of wonderful beaches equipped for the comfort and welfare of tourists. Many tourists prefer to go to it and it is the National Park that opens its doors in the summer for tourists and allows them to spend a wonderful time every day from seven in the morning until eight in the evening.

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